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« on: May 26, 2020, 10:29:09 AM »

Version 1.8.4

Main changes
- When you holster your tazer, you will now have the weapon you were holding previously re-armed.
- Cops, medics, and firefighters no longer pay medical fees.

Other changes
- Cops 'interact with prisoners' dialog now greys out players out of range.
- Reduced 'Carwash' achievement prize from 150k (wtf) to 10k.
- When players break out of jail, they will now appear just outside the cell bars, rather than around the corner.

Main fixes
- Fixed players not receiving a wanted level for taking a bank robbery cash bag.
- Fixed a exploit where a player could collect silenced pistol ammo while having a tazer equipped and use no tazer ammo up.
- Fixed cuffing not being cancelled if you bribe a cop that isn't the cuffing officer.
- Fix for players that are inside the bank vault being instantly killed by the guard when it resets.

Other fixes
- Fixed two cells in LVPD having the same coordinates, meaning one was unused and one had twice the prisoners. Would also mean jail transfer had a chance to actually put you into the same cell.
- Fixed text cut-off in 911 response job event popup.
- Plugged some collision holes in a building in Idlewood.

Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoy this update! Huge thanks as always to the beta testers and admins which help keep MCNR running. Have fun everyone!

NOTE: The server version still says 1.8.3 in-game, but it is actually 1.8.4.
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