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« on: November 10, 2021, 06:50:45 pm »

Version 1.14.1

In the last update (1.14 R3), Monster Trucks were removed from dealerships (was only available donators).
In this update, all Monster Trucks purchased previously have been removed and the owners given a 150% refund (to take mods/upgrades etc. into account).
Monster trucks still spawn in the world, however these are likely to be removed soon also.
The reason for the removal of Monster Trucks is simply because they are OP. You cannot pop the tires and they can cause crazy physics when driving over cars.
It's also not possible to detect using them for griefing people.

- Added a message when player is flying too high to evade the cops, and when they are low enough to evade.
- The 'naked valet' skin can now be used by donators.

- Player level/rank display above HUD is no longer hidden while wanted stars are shown
  if the widescreen fix setting is active, as there's more screen width to use to display both.
- Players can no longer enter or exit interiors (including properties) in these circumstances:
  - Tazing someone
  - Being tazed
  - Cuffing someone
  - Being cuffed
  - Cuffed (can EXIT interiors, but not enter)
  - Recent attack (give or take damage in last 5 seconds)
  - In an event
  - In admin isolation
- Removed the delay when entering properties, allowing faster entry.
- Players are now prevented from starting missions/activities when recently attacked or been attacked.
- There is now a 5 second cooldown after a suspect breaks out of cuffs before they can be tazed again, to allow for escape.
- Reduced Sweeper mission base cash reward.

- Fixed wanted stars overlapping HUD on 'widescreen fix' setting.
- Fixed many checkpoints saying 'checkpoint disabled due to recent attack' however still working.
- Fixed mission zones for Sweeper and Weed Burn not reappearing after leaving the area and returning.
- Fixed some trash piles being under the floor in Sweeper mission.
- Fixed map icons/blips missing for trash piles in Sweeper mission.
- Fixed players being able to immediately close the mission completion box if in a vehicle, rather than having the usual 5 second delay to prevent accidental closure.
- Fixed throwable weapon drop (/dropweapon) giving 0 'ammo' when collected
- Fixed vehicles not being 'unstolen' after plate change.
- Fixed plate change removing bullet-resistant tires.
- Fixed plate change resetting vehicle fuel level.
- Fixed being able to extinguish trashcan fires with any weapon.
- Fixed camera given in cop tail and CSI job event replacing player's existing weapon and not giving it back.
- Fixed /tap animation being usable on unsuitable vehicles such as motorbikes.
- Fixed an issue on city change where if a player had the 'HudHeightScale 0.7' widescreen fix setting enabled
  the next city would fail to load and the server would be stuck between two active cities with nothing loaded for the active city.
- Fixed being able to extinguish trashcan fires with any weapon.
- Fixed being able to destroy or damage job vehicles before the mission was started. This would lead to vehicles having popped tires, etc, when somebody started the mission. Now vehicles are repaired upon mission start to avoid this issue.
- Fixed a problem where Heli Tours mission would not respawn the mission vehicle if the mission failed and the vehicle was not destroyed. It will now spawn a new helicopter at the mission flag if the mission is failed.

Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoy this update! Huge thanks as always to the beta testers and admins which help keep MCNR running. Have fun everyone!
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