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Widescreen fix - Please read if you use 'widescreen fix' mod
« on: November 02, 2021, 06:57:34 pm »
Widescreen fix can be found here:

It fixes issues with the game's widescreen aspect ratio. It also resizes the hud. In doing this, the MCNR hud (bank balance) will not be lined up with the GTA HUD. In order to fix this you should enable /wsfix (or go to /settings > Display).

This shows the difference it makes by enabling /wsfix:

Also, you MUST disable the FOV (field of view) changes, as this can give you an advantage over other players.

Find the GTASA.WidescreenFix.ini file and edit the following value to what is seen here:
Code: [Select]
DontTouchFOV = 1

Also, I recommend changing the HUD height scale to 0.7 so that it's not vertically stretched:
Code: [Select]
HudHeightScale = 0.7

However, once you've done this, you need to change the /setting (display category) for the widescreen fix to the third option. You cannot use /wsfix, you need to go into /settings. This will rescale the HUD to match.

I also recommend disabling the following:
Code: [Select]
ReplaceTextShadowWithOutline = 0

This makes text wider, and in some instances such as info popups it can cause undesired effects such as overflow or overlapping. I will do my best to resolve these issues as I find them, however.

I also recommend setting the FrontendAspectRatio to match your monitor's resolution like so, as 'auto' doesn't seem to work:
Code: [Select]
FrontendAspectRatio = 16:9

This is what I recommend you set your GTASA.WidescreenFix.ini file to (for 16:9, adjust for your screen/resolution if necessary):
Code: [Select]
; Use this option to override the game resolution (-1|0|*).
ResX = 0
ResY = 0
; Set game aspect ratio (auto|4:3|5:4|16:9|*:*).
ForceAspectRatio = auto
; Used to properly scale frontend textures, such as menu background or loading screens (auto|4:3|5:4|16:9|*:*).
FrontendAspectRatio = 16:9
; Disable any FOV related fixes, it's not recommended (0|1).
DontTouchFOV = 1
; Use original FOV value during cutscenes (0|1).
RestoreCutsceneFOV = 1
; The settings below are used to scale parts of the game UI differently.
; If set to "0.0" original values will be used.
HudWidthScale = 0.8     ; Original value is 1.0.
HudHeightScale = 0.7    ; Original value is 1.0.
RadarWidthScale = 0.82  ; Original value is 1.0.
RadarHeightScale = 0.0  ; Original value is 1.0.
SubtitlesScale = 0.0    ; Original value is 1.0.

; Same as in VCS PCE, cutscene border size will be adjusted to fit your resolution. On resolutions bigger than 16:9 vertical borders will be used. Note that you can enable or disable cutscene borders via 'WIDESCREEN'/'BORDERS' option in game menu (0|1).
SmartCutsceneBorders = 1
; Game will not freeze when focus is lost (only in windowed mode).
AllowAltTabbingWithoutPausing = 0
; Drawing 1px line at top and left sides of the screen to hide antialiasing bug(0|1|2). (2) creates 4 lines to make picture symmetrical.
HideAABug = 0
; Disable the small white dot that appears while aiming with some weapons (0|1).
DisableWhiteCrosshairDot = 0
; Replaces text shadow with outline (0|1|2).
ReplaceTextShadowWithOutline = 0

If you have any issues or need some help, please message me.
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