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« on: April 16, 2015, 02:50:01 pm »

Bug Reporting

As with all software, MCNR is not immune to bugs and glitches.

Bugs can range from minor typos and visual issues, right up to to major issues that result in data/progress loss or issues that can be exploited by players.

We have a three-tier system for detecting issues:
- Tier 1: Developers detect issues during development.
- Tier 2: Testers detect issues during testing before public release.
- Tier 3: Players detect and report issues on the public server.

While most issues are caught in tier 1 and 2, issues do unfortunately sometimes make it to the public server without being caught, and that's when we rely on players to assist us by reporting the issues, so that testers can investigate and developers can resolve.

This forum section exists to allow players to report bugs and issues in detail so that we can investigate and resolve them promptly. Our team of testers and developers regularly monitor this section for new issues and will communicate the status of an issue as soon as possible and catalog/triage it.

Topic Title
The topic title should summarise the issue clearly and concisely, in a few words.
Bad titles:
- bug
- Bug with Mechanic
- I had an error
- Typo

Good titles:
- Animation does not play when using ATM
- Mechanic gets stuck when repairing an engine
- 'Account not found' error when submitting a name change request
- Typo (Decatholn) when joining Decathlon

None of the above bad titles describe issues. They just state there is an issue. We know that. We know what section this is.

Topic Body
It is important that bug reports contain as much information as is relevant.

Some of the things we may need to know include:

- What was the script version? Type /version and include the version AND build number in your bug report.

- Your in-game name (we may credit bug reporters with in-game cash if it's a major or exploitable issue)
- What happened? Please give as many details as you can. Even if you think it's irrelevant it might be just the piece of information we need to pin point the issue.
    - Where were you?
    - What were you doing?
    - Did you have some sort of special circumstances happening at the time?
- Is this a reoccurring issue? Has it happened to you or others before?
- Please provide steps for us to reproduce the issue ourselves, if possible.
- Images and videos help a LOT. Press F8 in-game to take a screenshot and upload it here for us to see the issue for ourselves. Please crop/resize large images.
- Date and time of incident if known

These may not all be relevant to the issue you are reporting. Please just try to include as many details as you can that are relevant. If we need to know more we will ask.

Please do not copy the above list into your post. They are guidelines. This is not a ‘form’. Write your post as normal but include the above information when relevant only.

Once your bug report has been posted, testers and developers will review them, test them, and then update the topic with our findings and plans. The bug report topic will be moved to a relevant sub-forum such as 'Confirmed' or 'Fixed'. Users can discuss bugs with each other if so chosen. Other people may be able to provide further details or images for example.

If your bug report is valid, we may reward you with some cash in-game as a sign of gratitude. Thank you for helping us to make this server even better. Your contribution is very valuable to us.

In-game bug reporting
Bugs and issues can be reported in-game using the /bug command, however more complex issues or those that would benefit from screenshot or videos should be posted here on the forums.

Thank you
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Bug reporting

There will always be bugs in code. We rely on players reporting issues to us promptly and correctly so that we can investigate and fix them.

If you discover a bug which has the potential to be exploited to gain an advantage or unfairly gain cash/score/etc. please report it directly to testers/management and not in public.

To report a bug, please create a post in this forum section detailing the following points, if relevant. Please include as much detail as you possibly can. Even if you think it's irrelevant it might be just the piece of information we need to pin point the issue.

- What is your in-game name and account ID (if known)? 
- What happened exactly? 
- What circumstances may have led to the issue? 
- Has anyone else experienced the issue? 
- Can you replicate the issue? 
- Can you provide us with step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce the issue ourselves? 
- If relevant, what was the time and date (GMT) of the issue? 

Please provide screenshots and/or a video if these will help us identfy the issue.

Thank you.
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