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Server Overview & Features
« on: January 21, 2018, 01:13:23 pm »

Server overview and features

Mike's Cops and Robbers aims to recreate the classic GTA experience of cops chasing criminals into a multiplayer environment. While it is by far not the first to do this, there are many things which make MCNR a great server to play on and you are guaranteed to have fun.

A little bit of history
Mike's Cops and Robbers has been in development for almost a decade. It started off as a small project as mine to practise and improve my coding abilities, however grew into a more serious project that I wanted to finish. Development has always been very slow as I am the sole developer and don't have as much time as I would like to spend developing. The project was shelved twice with long months and even years with no development. Slowly but surely I kept at it and have finally reached the stage where I can share my project with others.


Feature Showcase

10 reasons to play SA-MP and MCNR over GTA Online
GTA Online is without a doubt a great game. MCNR is similar to GTA Online in many ways, however we feel the following reasons make SA-MP and MCNR just as much fun if not more:
  • Less grinding, more fun
  • More solo ways to play and earn cash
  • Relive the nostalgia of GTA: San Andreas
  • Cheaper to buy, free to play
  • Lower computer requirements
  • Good anti-cheat and admins actively monitor the server
  • Bans can be appealed
  • Better community
  • Developers listen to feedback
  • No loading screens

Also remember that playing the role of a cop has never been possible in GTA single player games or GTA online.

New Players
New players are first introduced to the world of San Andreas, its three cities and what they have to offer. An introduction tutorial is shown at the start of the game which will cover all the main features of the server and how they work. It is highly advisable that players watch this, however it can be skipped.

Account Registration
Account registration is not compulsory, and player account information will be saved whether they are registered with a password or not, provider they join again using the same name. However, not registering an account with a password means anyone can play on your account. You can register your name in-game by typing /register.

Score and XP
Players have score and a level, and also job ranks. Player score is gained through various means, for example finding a hidden collectable, killing a player with a bounty or winning a race. Essentially playing the game will allow you to gain points. After you earn so many points, your level will increase, and you will unlock new skins, vehicles, weapons and more.

XP is given in certain jobs when job duties are performed (e.g. a cop arresting someone or a medic reviving someone). Ranking up gives access to more features and lowers restrictions. For example, cops can place more roadblock objects and medics have a higher chance of successfully reviving victim.


Police / Law Enforcement
The most important role for a player to undertake in this server is that of an officer of the law. San Andreas is riddled with problems from gang crime and petty theft to organised mafia gangs and major casino heists. It is up to the San Andreas police forces to protect and serve its citizens by bringing the criminals to justice.

You can become a police officer by visiting any police department reception as long as your player level is 10 or higher.

Paramedics are the lifeline for the residents of San Andreas. There's never a shortage of gunshots wounds and a broken bones, so you'd better stock up on medical supplies!

You can become a paramedic at any hospital providing your player level is 5 or higher.

With all the chaos that ensues in San Andreas, someone's got to douse the flames. Put your fire extinguisher to use and stop the flames spreading around the city faster than herpes as a firefighter.

You can become a firefighter at any fire station providing your player level is 5 or higher.

Vehicle crime is at an all time high in San Andreas, and nobody realises this more than those poor mechanics. How many vehicles did you trash on the way to the store, seven? Someone's got to fix them.

You can become a mechanic at any gas station or garage providing your player level is 5 or higher.

When the cops and criminals wind down for the night, someone needs to take care of their needs, why not you? Become a lady of the night at any sex shop and spread those STDs all over the state.

Taxi Driver
What better way for an upstanding citizen of San Andreas to make some steady cash than by taking in the scenery and meeting the wonderful people of San Andreas? Become a Taxi Driver by entering any Taxi and you can find out how it feels to spend all day sat 3 feet away from last night's drunken throw-up still festering on the back seats. Or better yet, meet some real weirdos that'll make you really rethink your life choices and go rob a bank instead.

Crime, Arrests and Jail
Criminality is the core of this server and GTA itself, and while some may choose the quiet life of earning legitimate cash through legal means, others want to take shortcuts and get it all now. From pickpocketing to bank robberies, bounty hunting and drug smuggling, and all the chaos in between, there are plenty of opportunities for criminals to get rich quick.

A player's wanted level is shown as 6 stars at the top of the screen. The more stars that are highlighted, the more trouble you're in and the more force the cops can use against you. These are also coloured to represent three levels of wanted level: level 1 will result in a ticket (yellow), levels 2 through 5 an arrest (orange), and at level 6 (red) the cops are authorised to use lethal force to bring you in by any means necessary. Oh and if you're most wanted, you'd better watch your back, because the bounty hunters of San Andreas will also have you in their sights.

Vehicles and properties
Properties have two purposes in San Andreas. The first is practicality; you can sleep there, eat there and store your guns, cash, drugs and other items there. Then there's the ability to show off.

Everyone needs a trophy cabinet, and why not fill it with the bodies of your fellow San Andreans? There are many achievements that can be unlocked through playing the game which will reward you with cash and score.

Player Donations
Our server is entirely reliant on player donations to keep running. If we do not receive enough donations, we will be unable to pay for server/website costs. Player donations are extremely important to us, and because of this, donating players will receive appreciation bonuses in-game. For more information on that and how to donate, please see the topic on donations in this board.

Feature List
Here is a small sample of the features available on the server:
  • Play as a civilian, criminal, cop, medic, firefighter, mechanic, taxi driver and more
  • Complete missions and side-jobs such as smuggling, forklift, money rush, trashmaster, lumberjack, valet parking, timetrials, stunt challenges, trucking and lots more to earn money and increase level
  • Participate in events such as races, deathmatches and more
  • Unlock new items and features as you level/rank up
  • Purchase weapons, vehicles houses and more to use and show off
  • Unlock achievements as you progress through the game
  • Collect bounties for cash
  • Rob other players, stores, banks and carry out audacious casino heists
  • Scrap/export vehicles for cash
  • Explore all of San Andreas to reveal the map and earn a big reward
  • Search all over San Andreas for hidden collectables for cash and score
  • GPS system to help you navigate San Andreas
  • Gambling with lottery, scratchcards and betting
  • Customise your experience with a comprehensive list of settings to change
  • Server-sided emergency vehicle headlight flashing (wig-wag)
  • Purchase properties all around San Andreas: trailers, houses and mansions
  • Police pursuit vehicles with nitro and a removable light with siren
  • Server-sided damage values including instant-kill headshots and contextual death animations
  • Select your spawn location when you join the server (choose whether to spawn near players or away from them)
  • Friendly and helpful admin system and admins to ensure rules are followed and players have fun
  • Dedicated server host to minimize downtime and maximise efficiency
  • Small but strong community of friendly players
  • Regular updates with all player feedback taken on board
  • Effective anti-cheat with false-positive prevention
  • Ban appeal system, guaranteed appeal response within 24 hours

Thank you for your interest in this server, and we hope you see you on the server soon! Please be aware the server is in active BETA development.

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