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Hello, I wanna share with you a gamemode that I created back in 2018.. my name is PlayHard on SA-MP Forums, I hope you like it.

  • Introduction

PlayHard's Death-Match is a Game-Mode where you choose to join a team and defend your beliefs and reasons. I called it a unique one because it supports Arabic language(You must install Arabic Language Package from Microsoft updates) and English language. There is a story for each team, Occupation team and Terrorists team. It has a custom mapped map by PlayHard(Me). You can enjoy playing this Game-Mode in a LAN party or WAN(Hosted Servers). If you're a "Professional-Beginner-Rookie" guy, this Game-Mode is for you to learn scripting and editing. I taught myself scripting a lot of systems such as, register system, skin saving system, language system, admin system and a lot more.

Updates & Bugs tracking:
Code: [Select]
PlayHard DeathMatch 0.1a
- Register system -= Works 100% =-
- Language system -= Works 100% =-
- Teams system(2) -= Works 100% =-
- Easy-to-use Game-Mode -= Works 100% =-
- Modern stuff, Y_INI, SCANFF2, ZCMD, Icognito's streamer, YSF, 0.3d RC2 SA-MP and more. -= Works 100% =-
- Admin system -= Still bugged =-
- Various commands for players -= Coming Soon =-
PlayHard DeathMatch 0.1a
- Some team saving system doesn't load the information well especially when you close your server runner.
- Skins may not save properly as if you want to change a team it changes with the team.
- Languages may not save for some players when you close server runner.
- Scanff2 has some bugs in commands like "COMMAND -> PLAYERID -> SOMETHING(/money playerid amount).
- You might find some noob-bugs around the script. Please report if you find.

pawn Code:

//Players commands:

/stats - See the status of your character.
/whatrtherules - The rules of the game-mode.
/chooseteam - Changes the team you'd join.
/elang - Changes the language to English and saves it.
/alang - Changes the language to Arabic and saves it(You need the package from Microsoft).
/occupation - Information about TEAM OCCUPATION.
/terrorists - Information about TEAM TERRORISTS.
/joinocc - Sets you in TEAM OCCUPATION.
/jointerror - Sets you in TEAM TERRORISTS.
/quitteam - This one lets you "teamless", without a team.
/language - Made this in the purpose of testing language system.

//Admin commands

/adminhelp - Shows you the commands of admin system.
/akill - Use this if you're that maniac to kill some player :P.
/vspawn - Spawns a vehicle, My friend made this command in purpose of testing Scanff2.
/vspawnplayer - Spawns a vehicle for a player, My friend made this one too in the same purpose as vspawn.
/setteam - Sets a player's/Changes a player's team.
/setadmin - Sets a player's admin status to an amount.

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I have removed the download. You shouldn't expect people to download files from untrusted sources... You should use GitHub or pastebin.
View trailers here.

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I don't even think that's SA-MP. It's most likely MTA