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Hello everyone.

I have decided that some necessary changes be made to how prizes are handed out for admin-hosted events. The prize amount will now be given out at a per-player-basis, meaning the more players in an event the larger the prize pool will become for whoever gets 1st place in that particular event. The prize will be capped at $3000 per player, so if 15 players join an event the maximum prize that can be won will be $45,000 for whoever comes in 1st place.

Events that have multiple winners, the prize will be split evenly between all the winners. Players with large amounts of cash are able to sponsor events, to up the maximum prize pool available  - So if the prize pool is $60,000 a player could sponsor the event bringing the total prize pool up to $120,000 etc. Another prize item that will only occur once per month will be a special clothing item that can only be handed out via special admin-based commands.

If you managed to win an event that has a clothing item as a prize, you could win a rocket launcher clothing item, or special clothing items that cannot be obtained in any other method. Not even through seasonal events!  You would also get the standard base prize as well as the limited edition clothing item.  So while we are doing our best to think of new events,  feel free to post your event ideas! The reason I've decided to make this change, is so that players aren't getting insane amounts of cash for simply dodging a combine harvester, or a plane, etc for 10 minutes.

Clothing items will not be handed out for events that are going to have multiple winners, for these prizes there must only be 1 winner!

Screenshot of possible prizes you could win - Chicken head, animated psychedelic hat, skateboard (not usable), warlock guitar.

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Re: EVENT PRIZES - Limiting the prize pool & special clothing items!
« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2022, 09:05:09 pm »
I gave out a guitar prize and 40k to larke today.