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Avery Properties - Interactive property map and more!
« on: February 10, 2021, 05:59:12 pm »
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Hi everyone!

My friend @MajesticFudgie and I have been working hard on something that I think a lot of people will enjoy and benefit from: a property search/map website for MCNR!

We have decided to keep it in theme with the GTA/San Andreas universe and based it on Avery Carrington's Avery Construction company, and called it Avery Properties. For those of you that may not know, Avery Carrington was a character in GTA Vice City (and a smaller character in Vice City Stories) who was a property tycoon.

The website is launching as version 1.0 and we have a few plans for additional functionality which will be added in the future.

Current features
- View an interactive map of all the properties on the server.
  - Filter by for sale or sold.
  - See locations such as shops and stores, police departments, airports and much more.
  - Click on properties for info.
- View a property's info pages for more info about the property including name, price, description, owner, previous owners*, key features such as garages, nearby points of interest. There are also photos of every single property - inside and out!
- Search for a specific property by property name or area/zone.
- Login using your in-game account and view your own properties.
- We have many more features planned for future updates to this site - some really cool stuff.

* 'Previous owners' will not start counting until after the next script update.

Here's a look at the best part - an interactive map!

The search functionality should be really useful:
You can sort by price and garage count, with more filtering options planned for future updates.

This should tie in really nicely with the forum marketplace, as you can now provide a link to the property on Avery Properties!
For example:

You can now embed property info from like so:

Simply use this BBCode:

Code: [Select]
Replace 123 with the property ID (get it from the URL from the properties site).

Thanks, hope you enjoy!
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Re: Avery Properties - Interactive property map and more!
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2021, 08:31:54 pm »
I have added a lot of missing map markers in a small update. We'll call this v1.1. I'll get the version number to display on the page at some point.

Added lots of missing static markers including:
- Hospitals
- Fire stations
- Palomino Creek bank
- Blueberry Liquor store
- Modshops (TransFenders, Wheel Arch Angels, Loco Low Co.)
- Pay 'n' Sprays
- Vehicle dealerships
- Vehicle scrapyards
- Vehicle exportation
- Train stations
- Garages
- Airport bike rental

- Changed gas station from 'store' icon to 'gas station' icon (wrench).
- Removed (FRONT) comment on Lil Probe Inn.

This gif shows the new markers - 64 of them (took a while..):

Hope you guys are finding this tool useful!
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