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« on: September 09, 2020, 11:06:41 pm »
$$$ Marketplace $$$

This is a place where you can advertise the sale of services or items such as properties for sale in MCNR.

It is advisable to provide property address/district, cost, and unique features such as the exterior/interior of the house. Screenshots are required.

Each person is responsible for LOCKING their listings once they are either sold or not offered anymore. I will be going through occasionally and archiving any threads that are locked or not active for sale or offered anymore.

Future uses
In the future, inventory, clothing, weapon, and vehicle trading (and probably more) will be added meaning you will be able to trade all manner of items. For now this is just for properties.

We do not allow selling items or services outside of the official scripted systems. Players should not be gifting cash in-game with the promise of getting something in return; they should be using the scripted systems only.

You may not trade in-game items for real money or vice-versa.

It is ultimately up to players to decide what items they wish to trade, with whom they wish to trade, and for how much.

Anything traded outside of the official MCNR scripted systems in the server is between you and the person you are trading with. If you get scammed there is nothing we can do for you as staff. You should never send money to a player as part of a trade - ONLY USE SCRIPTED SYSTEMS.
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