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Server Rules & Infraction System
« on: July 27, 2018, 11:24:12 am »

Server rules

As a game server, we want our players to have fun playing the game. To ensure this, we have rules in place which we will always enforce.

The following rules must be followed at all times.
Failure to follow server rules will result in infractions and/or bans being issued, details of which may be found below.

Server Rules

Do not spam or flood chat or features
Spamming/flooding is defined as sending chat messages and/or commands (such as bribe invites) rapidly, repeatedly or unnecessarily. This is disruptive to other players and is not allowed.
The server employs an anti-spam feature which limits players to sending two messages or commands in rapid succession before initiating a small cooldown period until another message or command can be sent.

Players spamming chat messages or commands will be muted, infracted, kicked and potentially banned.

Do not troll, flame, insult, disrespect, harass, defame, impersonate or discriminate other players
Any form of hostility towards other players is outright untolerated. This is a game and should be enjoyable. Note that we take cyber bullying seriously and any cases of bullying will be dealt with accordingly.

Players being hostile or abusive towards other players or staff will be muted, infracted, kicked and/or banned.

Do not use any hacking or cheating programs in any circumstances
Cheating or hacking programs are not allowed in any form. This includes mods (and CLEO mods) which affect other players such as changing running speed animations.

Cheaters will be banned from the server.

Do not use gameplay-affecting modifications
Game modifications are allowed to a certain extent, however any modification which alters what another player experiences is outright disallowed. For example lowering the suspension on a vehicle is not allowed as other players will see the original vehicle model and it will be clipping into the ground.

Do not deathmatch or kill players without reason
While killing is part of GTA, we do not set out to be a deathmatch server and killing other players for no reason is not tolerated.

Valid reasons to kill:
- Self-defence (they are shooting at you)
- You are a cop and they are a most wanted suspect (red).
- You are a cop and they are posing a fatal threat to others (e.g. a yellow player is shooting at other players or aiming at them - you may take them down to preserve life)
- You are a medic/firefighter and are attacked (self-defense is allowed)
- Someone attacked you
- Someone robbed you
- Someone is following/harassing/stalking you
- There may be other reasons - this is just a rough guide

NOT valid reasons to kill:
- They insulted me in chat
- I don't like their name
- I'm bored
- It's fun
- I like deathmatching
- I like killing cops (when you have not committed any crimes)
- Do not teamkill (cop-killing cop) unless in self-defense
- There may be other reasons - this is just a rough guide

Cop Hunting Rule:
killing a cop is not allowed, even if you are most wanted, unless that cop is chasing or attacking you. If a cop is RUNNING AWAY FROM YOU, you should not be attacking them Unless they recently attacked you.
- You may kill them if they oppose a threat to you (kill, arrest, chase /etc)
- You may kill them if they are a group and one of them is attacking you
- You may kill them if they get very close to you
- You may kill them if they camp outside the bank or your house

Deathmatching players can be frozen, jailed, disarmed, have damage disabled, receive infractions, be kicked or even be banned temporarily.

Do not exploit bugs or glitches, either in GTA, SA-MP or this server
Sometimes bugs occur which can give you an advantage over other players. Knowingly exploiting these is not allowed and players will have their illegitimate cash/score removed and received an infraction.

Do not share knowledge of exploitable bugs or glitches. Report them to the relevant parties (SA-MP or server developers).

Do not attempt to avoid situations (e.g. death/arrest) by quitting
Quitting/crashing/screenshotting to avoid situations such as death or arrest is not allowed. For example, do not quit the game while falling from the sky to avoid death or quit just as you're about to be arrested by a cop. We have systems in place to detect this type of cheating and will deduct player cash and score in response.

Players that repeatedly break this rule will receive infractions and may be banned from the server.

Avoid illegal and/or controversial conversation
Do not discuss illegal subjects such as drugs and piracy. Do not engage in heated debates relating to sensitive subjects such as politics and religion.
Discussion of illegal content is prohibited and players will be muted, infracted, kicked or banned.

Breaking these rules will result in appropriate punishment, including jail time or bans from the server.

Punishment is at each admin's discretion based on the severity and reoccurrence of incidents.

If you witness a player breaking any of these rules, please report them using /report.

Let's keep the game fun.

Infraction System
Instead of simply kicking or banning players, we use an infraction system. Accumulate enough points and you will be punished. Here's how it works:

A member of staff can issue you a number of infraction points, based on your offence. Points will expire 6 months from their date of issue.

When a player has accumulated 10 points, they will be banned. Each time this happens, the ban will be for a longer duration.

OffenceBan Duration
11 week
21 month
33 months
46 months
51 year

If you feel you have been infracted wrongly, you can appeal to have the points removed on the forums.

OFFENCES - Here is a list of all the infractions and the maximum points that can be given for said offence, in order of maximum points:

OffenceDescriptionMaximum Points
Cheating/moddingUsing cheating/hacking tools gives players an unfair advantage. This includes airbreak, invulnerability, aimbots etc10
Spamming/floodingSending lots of text in the chat is annoying to other players.2
AdvertisingAdvertising other servers, forums, YouTube channels etc. is not allowed.3
Harassment/flamingHarassing, flaming, attacking or otherwise being offensive to other players.5
DiscriminationDiscrimination of any kind is forbidden.5
Annoying/disruptive behaviourPlayers are just trying to enjoy the game. Annoying them for no reason will be punished.2
Ban Evasion Ban evading will result in a permanent ban from the server.N/A

The number of points given for an infraction lies with the discretion of the admin. They can give you the maximum number of points for that offence or not. Multiple infractions can also be given for a single incident, for example if you spam a message a lot and the message is racially offensive, you will receive two separate infractions; one for the spam and one for the racially offensive remarks. It is the admin's discretion on whether to give you the maximum number of points for both offences.

There are a range of other punishments staff can also use, such as killing, jailing, freezing or muting you. These punishments are separate from the infraction system, however infractions are generally given along with these punishments.

Game Modifications
Certain modifications can cause you to (sometimes unintentionally) have an unfair advantage over other players. For example, if you have a vehicle mod that changes the collision (the 'solid' mesh that surrounds the object to detect collision (e.g. a bullet hitting the car or two vehicles colliding) - basically change the shape) this can cause a major advantage as players may shoot your vehicle but miss because of the different appearances of your vehicles on each client.

Texture modifications are fine as long as it's not something ridiculous like making stuff transparent. For example removing clouds is fine if your computer's performance is an issue.
Sound modifications are 100% fine.
CLEO mods are generally not allowed. If they give you an advantage - they aren't allowed. A mod which makes you fly like superman isn't allowed.
Animation mods are not allowed as they will affect the game's sync.
Editing your vehicle handling is NOT allowed.

Do not discriminate on:

Sexual Orientation (Straight/Gay/Bi/Trans)

In summary, please follow the rules at all times and the game will be more fun.
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Allowed modifications on our server
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2020, 01:07:11 am »
In order to keep the game fair, we have some rules relating to which game modifications (mods) can and cannot be used.

Forbidden Mods
You must NOT use mods that:
- Give you an advantage over a player that doesn't have the mod
- Alter the way a part of the game works, such as changing animations or how weapon reloading works for example
- Change any object/vehicle/weapon models or collisions in any way, as they will not sync with other players
- Add objects into the game world that are not normally there
- Remove objects from the game world that are normally there
- Another player would notice, for example changing animations or vehicle models
- Removal of blacked-out area of Sniper Scope.
- Cirucmvention of server-scripted things, such as Sniper reloading animations.
- Potato mod is outright banned. It removes objects from the world.
- First-person camera mod is not allowed. Changing FoV is allowed (widescreen fix and different resolutions do this anyway).

Allowed Mods
Generally, the following mods are allowed:
- Texture mods (as long as you aren't making walls invisible or something)
- Any sound mods
- UI/HUD mods such as rescaled/restyled HUD and text, unless it give you an advantage (such as bigger radar)
- Any other mod that doesn't go against the forbidden mod rules. For example removing loading screens.

CLEO mods are not specifically forbidden, as long as they are within the restrictions mentioned above.

The following mods are allowed even though they contradict the above rules.

Grass mod for SA-MP

This mod is allowed even though it contradicts the rule regarding adding objects into the world, as it adds trees/cacti/rocks etc. which will not be synced with other players.

Cloud removal
Some players remove the clouds from the game due to their impact on performance. This is acceptable.

Additional Information
If in doubt about any of these rules, please contact staff here on the forums or on Discord.
Players that are caught using forbidden modifications risk being banned. You have been warned. Ignorance is not a defence.

Thanks for reading.
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