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Version system explained
« on: April 16, 2015, 02:40:28 PM »

Version system

Script versions are represented by the following format: x.y.z R1 b123

X: Core Version
The core version will only change with drastic changes to the core features of the server.

Y: Major version
A major update is categorised by having various new features and improvements and many bug fixes.

Z: Minor version
A minor version update will generally consist of mainly bug fixes with a couple of new features and improvements.

R: Revision
A revision is the smallest of version updates and is generally to fix something in the latest update or add something which was mistakenly left out.

b: Build
A version build number is an internal version tracking system. A build is an iteration of a version. Each version goes through many builds in development until it is at a stage in which it is ready for live use. The build number does not reset with a new update and is mainly for tracking development. The build number also does not represent the number of versions there have been.

Below is an example of potential versions.

- The first server version is 1.0.
- Version 1.0.1 is released with bug fixes.
- After some time, 1.1 is released with many new features.
- A day later a major bug is fixed, and 1.1.1 is released.
- This is followed by more bug fixes in 1.1.2.
- Some time after, version 1.2 is released with more features.
- After a while, we are ready to jump to version 2.0, which will be a massive update.
- and so on..

NOTE: Topics in this section will be locked once no longer the latest version to preserve the chronological order of topics (as new replies move topics to the top).

I hope you now understand how this server's versioning system works. We look forward to bringing you many fun updates! Thank you.
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