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*NEW* Discord help channel
« on: September 21, 2022, 05:37:14 pm »
We now have a help section over at Discord.

You may get a quicker response there, why not try it out? We're trialling the new Discord 'forums' channel type.

Viewing posts
From within the MCNR Discord server, you'll find the help-forum channel in the sidebar:

Click on the help-forum part to open the help forum channel. You'll see a list of posts:

Click on posts to view them. They will appear in a sidebar/pane, but you can also click the ... icon then 'Open in Full View' (highlighted in the red box in image below) to expand to full screen:

Submitting posts
To submit your own post in the help forum channel, click 'New Post':

You can then specify the title and message:

Please make sure the title summarises what you need help with, and the message expands on this with more detail.
The very first post in this section is a golden example of how to do this:

A quick, short, straight-to-the-point title, and more info in the message.

There's also an option to add images:

If a screenshot would help us to assist you, please include it.

Once ready, click 'Post':

You'll now see your post in the list of topics. Keep an eye out for a response from helpers, admin staff or other players who might be able to assist you.

There's currently the following tags used for posts:

OFFICIAL: The post is by staff and is an official post. Likely to be stickied/pinned.
RESOLVED: The issue was successfully resolved.
CLOSED: The issue was a non-issue or was unable to be resolved.

Only staff can add these tags.

More tags may be added in the future, potentially including ones that regular members can assign to their posts, such as to categorise issues.

Discord has help here:

Or you can just ask staff directly for help with using the forum, or reply to this topic.

Thanks for reading.
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