Christmas Event 2019

Christmas is here! To celebrate the holidays, we have a few activities to participate in and prizes up for grabs.

Santa has left gifts all over San Andreas (in the inner cities only). Find them to earn prizes! Prizes are rewarded at 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 and 450 gifts found. Try and find them all!

Can you find all 450 gifts around San Andreas?

Visit houses and try carol singing to spread the festive joy. Simply approach the door and press Y/N to knock/ring the doorbell and sing a carol for candy canes.

Spread the festive joy

Visit the Christmas tree every day at certain locations (see /tree) for random prizes and surprises!

What has santa left under the tree for you this year?

Candy canes are given for all the different activities and can be seen as a form of currency. They represent how involved each player is in the event. The players with the top 100 most candy canes at the end of the event will win prizes!

Special festive clothing items are up for grabs this event! They can be obtained randomly via the Christmas trees, carol singing and gift hunting.

Santa hats, gift heads, baubles and more

For more info on all activities and prizes, type /xmas in-game.

This update isn’t just about Christmas!

Daily Objectives
Each day players will be given 3 objectives/challenges to complete. Complete these for cash and score rewards. Complete all 3 for a bigger prize. Complete all objectives for many consecutive days for an even bigger reward!

Challenges range from driving so many miles with a certain vehicle type, taking down a player with a bounty, banking your cash at an ATM and driving a vehicle from 100% fuel to empty.

SA-MP client version check
Going forward, players will no longer be able to play MCNR unless they have the most recent version of the SA-MP client. This is mainly an effort to reduce the number of cheaters present on the server, but the newer versions also fix some annoying bugs including crashes and graphical issues so it’s worthwhile updating. It only takes a minute to download and install the latest SA-MP client. Head over to

Chat mentions
You can now mention another player in chat. You must simply start a chat message with an at-symbol (@) and then a player’s (partial or full) name or ID, with no space before or after the @.

It will notify them with a message and sound (which can be disabled in /settings under gameplay settings > sound). It will show their full name and ID in the message in their color.

Other changes and improvements

  • Jefferson vehicle storage renamed to Idlewood vehicle storage.
  • Properties no longer show trick-or-treat messages on-screen. Left over from Halloween event.
  • Player interaction menu no longer shows ‘Possess’ option, and /possess is now removed too. Left over from Halloween event.
  • Removed fountains from outside LVPD. Loud and annoying and they poke down underneath to the parking lot.
  • The ‘You don’t seem to have the audio plugin’ popup has been disabled. I doubt we’ll ever have the audio plugin working again.
  • Renamed ‘First spawn location’ setting to ‘Initial spawn location’.
  • Players will now be given a 2-star wanted level if they don’t already have one when they pick up a house robbery stolen item or are in view of a cop while holding a stolen item.
  • Animations can no longer be used or cleared when moving/falling.
  • Animations can no longer be used unwater due to it giving players infinite breath/oxygen.
  • Score required to reach player level 100 is now 10,000 (it was 7909 before). This is because it will be easier to identify a max-level player and also it will now be easier to get score due to the addition of daily objectives.
  • Weapons dropped (/dropweapon) by police officers can now only be picked up by other police officers. This is because cops get discounts on weapons and they can gift them to non-cops which is unfair.
  • Prostitutes’ chance of spreading an STD is now 1 in 3 rather than 1 in 5. The Prostitute will also now be informed that the STD has been spread.
  • Reduced the number of chat messages shown to players when they first connect/spawn.
  • Players can no longer re-sync themselves (/sync) while being arrested, cuffed or tazed.
  • You can no longer change the licence plate of another player’s personal vehicle.

Bug fixes

  • Existing ‘fix’ where attached objects are hidden while aiming with sniper/camera to avoid seeing them through the scope/viewfinder is now extended to RPG and Heat-seaking rocket launcher also, even though they aren’t used in MCNR. So that’s pointless.
  • Fixed an issue where two players could pick up the same house robbery item at the same time, duplicating it.
  • Reworked code for creating and destroying treasure hunt clues to possibly fix issue where the clue was not created for players.
  • Fixed an issue where a player’s game time could be forever in a time-lapse.
  • Fixed an issue where if a player was sent to jail while in their property they could still access property functions as if they were still inside their property.
  • Fixed incorrect value being displayed in bank dialog for balance after withdrawal.
  • Potential fix for treasure hunt clues being wrongly destroyed.
  • Fixed cops being unable to enter a property with a criminal inside.
  • Fixed ‘Spawn location’ setting not saving.
  • Fixed ‘Spawn location’ setting not working when set to ‘property’.
  • Fixed message shown when setting ‘Spawn location’ to property showing blank city name (e.g. ‘You will now spawn at 5 Grove Street (Ganton, LS)’ would show as ‘(Ganton, )’.
  • Fixed stat for ‘Mechanic engines repaired’ being increased when Mechanics fix engines instead of ‘Mechanic tires repaired’ stat.
  • Fixed a bug where vehicles could be spawned with hydraulics even if they shouldn’t. Sometimes these vehicles were incompatible with hydraulics and could lead to players crashing if they came close to the vehicle.
  • Stat for ‘Medic CPR success’ increasing even if the player isn’t a medic.
  • Fixed ‘Medic CPR success’ stat/achievement not counting for firefighters.
  • Fixed incorrect camera angle for prostitute during vehicle sex which allowed the player to see into the vehicle as the camera was too high.
  • Fixed player stats category list being cut off at the end due to being too long.
  • Fixed a gap in the map at the apartment building just north of Santa Maria lighthouse. There was an elevator shaft with no doors, so players could drop down under the map.
  • Fixed issue where when changing a vehicle’s licence plate, if they vehicle somehow got destroyed during the process the player would be stuck with a black screen and be unable to move.
  • Fixed players being able to purchase their own property by putting it up for sale then pressing Y inside their house.
  • Fixed police dispatch crime report message being cut off for trespassing crime due to message being too long.
  • Fixed vehicle mods and paintjobs being lost when changing licence plates.
  • Fixed score gains display next to radar showing an error if there were too many scores in the list. It is now limited to 5 with the oldest being replaced.
  • Added more protection against invalid vehicle mods/components.

See the full changelog and discuss this update on the forums:,1445.msg5203.html#msg5203

Hope to see you on the server this holiday season. Thanks for reading!