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Title: 1.5.5
Post by: Mike on March 25, 2020, 10:22:12 PM
Version 1.5.5

Interaction menu improvements
- Split into two columns. The right-hand column shows info for each item. For example GPS shows active destination, mission info shows current mission name etc.
- Reorganised for easy access to more common functions such as requesting personal vehicles and using the GPS.
- Closing a sub-menu (e.g. the GPS menu) will now return to the interaction menu for most items.
- Added spacing to 'Request service' menu to separate supply drop from player services.
- Job menu (e.g. Mechanic menu) now shows job color rather than player color, as it was showing 'Mechanic menu' as yellow/orange/red depending on wanted level. It will now always be grey for Mechanics, pink for prostitute etc.

Weapon/damage rebalancing
- Chainsaw now 'reloads' every 3 seconds rather than 5, to prevent people becoming stun-locked with no chance of escape before death.
- Chainsaw now does more damage when swinging the Chainsaw. It was only doing 1 damage each time, whereas now it will perform a combo just like the original game and deal 2, 5 and 10 damage for each part of the combo (game defaults to 14, 16 and 27).
- All weapons have had damage decreased slightly. Most notable is the sawn-off and SMGs.
- Headshot damage multiplier is now 1.25x reduced from 1.5x.
- 'Close range' is now under 5 meters, whereas it was under 10 before.
- Sniper damage increased.

- You can now change the color(s) of any supported vehicle at a gas station checkpoint.
- Vehicle engine repair kit will now repair aircraft. Simply select the engine repair kit from your inventory from inside the vehicle.
- Implemented an FPS limit. This is currently set to 120 FPS. 120+ FPS gives players serious advantages over other players. See /highfps in-game for more information.
- Added a settings to toggle a hitmarker sound (boxing bell). Type /settings > Game settings > Sound > Hitmarker sound (bottom of list). Additional sounds were planned but weren't audible like the bell is.
- /gps sub-commands added for 'car', 'vehicle', 'bike' and 'motor' to list dealerships.
- Added subtitle instruction when cigar is equipped to explain how to use it.
- Playing with a framerate/FPS over 120 is no longer allowed as it gives advantages over other players. Players will receive 3 warnings and then be kicked.
- Silenced pistol will now hide the death message.

- Increased the level required to become a cop from 10 to 25.
- Increased the level required to become a medic or firefighter from 8 to 15.
- Medics no longer get XP (and therefore payday points) from healing a player a minute since they last healed them, to prevent XP boosting.
- Cop bank camping detection system range decreased from 500 to 400.
- Subtitle text for vehicle trunk interaction changed from 'boot' to 'trunk'.
- Reduced range of whisper from 50 to 25.
- Removed 'Mike (13) waves at James (37).' message in chat when using /wave.
- Property invite player list now shows reason for 'busy' status.
- Updated /credits to show M3E6 as community manager (still said 123robot) and changed 'Testing manager: Position open' to show Devon as web developer.
- GPS now shows destinations in grey if they are outside the active city.
- Minor changes to login flow logic and wording of dialogs. Now shows the name you're logging in as on all dialogs.

- Fixed dealership taking free vehicle credit but also charging the player.
- Fixed player location textdraw under radar not returning after a ticker message was shown.
- Fixed 'We have detected a sync issue and will re-sync you' issue when shooting a player from a further range than the weapon can hit from.
- Fixed player camera stuck in bait shop and general store menu after buying beer/wine or selling all fish.
- Fixed empty dialog list item at bottom of fish sell menu. Selecting it would allow you to keep re-selling the fish that was previously shown in that slot or would crash the script.
- Fixed medkit usage removing two medkits from your inventory.
- Fixed ability for players to interact with LSPD prisoners from Dillimore PD.
- Fixed players losing saved armour if quitting on spawn selection.
- $chase quick-string no longer functions for non-cops.
- Fix whisper and shout not checking virtual world.
- Fix Mechanic subtitle 'Wait for the customer to select a service' persisting after service ended.
- Fix for players being able to rob an ATM outside the active city by destroying it.
- Fixed some vehicles not loading sideskirt mod component properly.
- Rank-restricted cop skins (SWAT, FBI and CIA) no longer appear in clothing stores' skin menu if the player is not the required rank.
- 'Suspect is unarmed' warning will no longer shown when finishing off a downed player.
- Player health regeneration is no longer cancelled if they are attacked by a player that is unable to damage them (e.g. a medic punching a civilian).
- Combine harvester death now affected by anti-teamkill etc.
- Increased accuracy of tire popping for vehicles with large tires.
- Fixed towed vehicles respawing due to being 'unoccupied'.
- Fixed daily challenge 'Drive 100mph for 2 minutes' still counting if the player paused while going 100mph.
- Score gain display on right side of radar is now shifted right for SA-MP clients 0.3.7 and 0.3.7 R2 (before radar stretch fix) to not overlap.
- Fixed GPS main menu not displaying destination in top caption bar (it said destination unknown).
- Fixed 'Player x set their chatroom to y' message being cut off due to length.
- Fixed supply drops being cancelled upon death. They should still continue to drop. It was causing a bug where you couldn't call another supply drop until you reconnect.
- Fixed an issue where the very bottom-right map exploration gangzone was being destroyed when any player viewed the first spawn tutorial popups.
- Fixed issues with takedown bonus awarded when a suspect commits suicide. It was awarding cops too much XP. It also now communicates the bonus clearly to all involved cops. The closest cop gets the takedown and nearby cops get a takedown assist.
- Fixed grenades, moltovs and satchels not being level-locked in Ammunation menu.
- Fixed players being able to become a cop without a weapon licence and/or without being a high enough level.
- Fixed new player accounts having a cop skin set as their job skin in the background. This meant when a new player visited a police station they were given the option to 'go on duty' rather than 'become a cop'.
- Fixed vehicle colors, when applied on top of a paintjob, being lost after changing numberplate.
- Fixed price to repair vehicle tires sometimes being $0 and service would not execute properly.
- Fixed game time being repeatedly set to 7am for new players during the first spawn tutorial popup sequence.
- Fixed issue where players could accidentally punch a cashier and close the store when selecting a dialog item. Punches will be ignored for 2 seconds after closing a dialog.
- Fixed 'Suspect is unarmed, taze/cuff and don't attack them' message showing when a medic punches a suspect.
- Fixed Angel Pine spawn selection camera clipping through hillside.
- Fixed property invite player list not able to list more than ~70 players due to string length.
- Fixed issue with 'sniper sway' remaining after switching weapon while aiming sniper.

Thank you to all the beta testers that have helped find issues and test things!

Revision 1
- Fix for high FPS detection after exiting vehicles.
- Fix for high FPS detection while not spawned.
- Fix for players with high packetloss having the very slim possibility to get the CJ skin.
Title: Re: Current Version - 1.5.5
Post by: Mazen on March 25, 2020, 10:31:50 PM
thank you for this awesome updates keep up the hard work

-Peace  :-*
Title: Re: Current Version - 1.5.5
Post by: claude on March 25, 2020, 11:58:47 PM
Thank you
Title: Current Version - 1.5.5 R1
Post by: Mike on March 26, 2020, 12:05:20 AM
Revision 1
- Fix for high FPS detection after exiting vehicles.
- Fix for high FPS detection while not spawned.
- Fix for players with high packetloss having the very slim possibility to get the CJ skin.