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Staff roles and responsibilities



Staff roles and responsibilities
There are various staff roles in MCNR and each plays an important part in keeping the server running.
Each staff role comes with certain duties and responsibilities, as detailed below.

The role of Helper is given to members of the community that have been around for a while and know MCNR well enough to help others.
Their responsibility is to help new players, and try to help anyone that has any issues or problems, such as their game crashing. They can also be a mentor to help people get started or to provide advice on things such as how to earn money, rank up, find certain things and so on.

Testers are responsible for two things: testing script changes such as new features/systems and changes to existing features/systems and also reporting issues, either directly or on behalf of a member of the community. Without testers, the script would be overrun with bugs and the player experience would suffer as a result. It is important all changes to the script are thoroughly tested before release onto the public server to maintain a stable and bug-free experience for players.

Developers are the ones responsible for coding the MCNR script, adding new features/systems, and improving and fixing existing features/systems. Different developers specialise in different areas, such as PAWN scripting, web app development, and mapping.

Moderators are the front line soldiers of the effort to keep MCNR safe and fun. They are responsible for monitoring the SA-MP server, Discord server, and forums, to ensure everyone is playing by the rules and bad behaviour is stopped promptly. They are on the look out for cheaters and rule-breakers in-game, and can pushish these players in a variety of ways, including short temporary bans (which can then be extended by admins after sufficient evidence is provided to support the ban).

Moderators are eventually promoted to Admin once they have been around for a while (generally over 3 months) and shown their worth.

Admins are the reinforcement behind moderators. They deal with more serious matters such as ban evasion, as well as ban appeals and more complex player complaints. They do not have any authority or power over moderators, but should act as mentors to moderators to guide them.

Admins may be promoted to Manager once they have been an admin for a while (generally 3 months or more) and shown their worth.

Managers are there to ensure the staff team has good leadership, and that everyone is performing their duties correctly and to the needed standard. Managers handle staff recruitment/promotion and discipline, marketing/advertising, monitoring activity and player count/retention and more.

The Community Manager is the most important role within MCNR. The Community Manager (CM) has a plethora of responsibilities, all in the aim of keeping MCNR running smoothly.

Duties include staff recruitment/promotion, staff training/guidance, staff discipline, managerial duties such as planning, dealing with staff complaints, liasing with community members and many more behind the scenes duties.

Mike is the owner of the server. He is essentially god and you should worship him. He types really fast and somehow it adds new features to MCNR, it's like magic.

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