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Weapon damage values


The weapons in MCNR have custom damage values. The reason for this is they are based on range. Weapons do more damage at close range than at medium range, and more damage at medium range that long range. This is not a feature in the regular game, it's specific to MCNR.

This generally only refers to bullet weapons. Other weapons use the game's damage, except for the Katana which deals 3x damage, and Brass Knuckles, Golf Club, and Nightstick, which all deal 2x damage.

Health & Armour
The damage values are health/HP. If a player has 25 health and you shoot them with a weapon that does 20 damage, they will then have 5 health.
Armour and health are taken at the same rate. If a player has 100 health and 5 armour and you deal 10 damage, they will lose their 5 armour then the 5 health, leaving them with just 95 health.

Each weapon has 3 damage values per range when on-foot. The three values refer to the following ranges:
RangeDistanceClose< 15mMedium15 - 50mFar50 - 200m
Bullets will not do damage past the above 'Far' range value.

Each weapon also has separate damage values for driver and passenger drive-by. These do not currently take range into account.

Damage values
Below are the damage values for each weapon with the three on-foot ranges and driver and passenger drive-bys:
WeaponCloseMediumFarDriver DBPassenger DBColt 45 (9mm)86304Silenced 9mm117204Desert Eagle33251408Shotgun40181019Sawn-off18101010Combat Shotgun2416108Uzi43117MP597228AK-47117407M496427Tec-943217Country Rifle46402609Sniper52442809
Disabled weapon damage
The following weapons won't deal any damage in MCNR:
- Spraycan
- Fire extinguisher
- Teargas (doesn't work in SA-MP at all)

Shotgun pellets
Something to note is how shotgun pellets work. While the game does physically represent multiple pellets shot from shotguns, the damage system (vs a player or a vehicle) either registers a hit or not. There is no way to tell how many pellets hit the player or vehicle, and the damage values are therefore the same no matter how many pellets hit the target.

We have tweaked (nerfed/buffed) weapon damage values in the past. If you feel like one weapon is too strong or too weak, feel free to post a suggestion in the suggestions board.
The aboves values are correct as of 14/12/2021 and are subject to change at any time. Changes will be mentioned in changelogs.


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