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Halloween Event 2021
« on: October 10, 2021, 10:22:06 pm »

Hi everyone. The time is upon us to celebrate Halloween! The Halloween event will run from the 11th of October to the 1st of November.

The event includes the following activities.

Halloween Candy & Candy Leaderboard
Halloween Candy is a form of score that you obtain through all the different activies there are. The players with the most candy at the end of the event will receive a substantial cash prize!

4th - 10th$250,000
Top 100$100,000

* The Top 100 prize has been increased to $100,000 from $50,000 in previous years.[/b]

Prizes will be awarded on the 1st of November when the event concludes.

Use /candy in-game to see how much candy you have and what rank you are.

Use /candyranks to view the leaderboard.

View /candyhelp for help in-game.

Pumpkin Hunt
There are 450 pumpkins scattered across the cities of Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas (150 per city, inner city only, none in countryside).
Every time you find a certain number of pumpkins, you'll get a prize. Prizes include seasonal clothing, cash prizes, and more.

Prizes are awarded at the following number of pumpkins found:
25Seasonal clothing item (or $10,000 if got all)
50Seasonal clothing item (or $25,000 if got all)
100Free vehicle credit
200$500,000 + Seasonal clothing (or vehicle credit if got all)
All 450Seasonal clothing + vehicle credit + $1,000,000

Use /pumpkins in-game to view how many pumpkins you have left to find, with a breakdown of each city, too.
You can use /pumpkinhint once you have 5 or fewer pumpkins left to find for a hint.
See /pumpkinranks for the pumpkin hunt leaderboard.
See /pumpkinhelp for in-game help.

Trick or Treat
Knock on doors around San Andreas to Trick or Treat them for candy!

Simply approach any property that has an owner and either knock or the door or ring the bell.
Type /trickortreat (/tot) in-game for info.

Please note that you cannot revisit a property within a 24 hour period.

Visit the Cauldron between the hours of midnight and 6am for a chance at random prizes and cash rewards.

Prizes include:
- Score/candy
- Cash
- Weapons and ammo
- Health and armour
- Free vehicle credits
- Seasonal clothing (see section below)
- and some other stuff we'll let you discover yourself!

Cauldrons are located at the following locations in-game:

Los Santos: Pershing Square (Los Santos Police Department)

San Fierro: City Hall (Bank)

Las Venturas: Roca Escalate (Las Venturas Police Department)

See /cauldron in-game for help and to find the cauldrons via the GPS.


Players have a chance to become 'possessed' through various ways in-game, such as via the Cauldron or from other players.
Once you are possessed, you can pass on your possession to other players.
If you are possessed you will see strange effects which you'll want to quickly pass on to others to stop your suffering!
You can possess another player with /possess or by pressing Y while looking at them to open the player interaction menu and selecting 'Possess'.
Medics can also cure your possession, or you may visit a hospital.

Seasonal Clothing

There are various items of limited time seasonal clothing items to be obtained, including:
- Witch hat
- Pumpkin head
- Cauldron
- Devil mask

You will obtain the items in the order they appear above. For example, if you already have a witch hat, you'll get a pumpkin head, then a cauldron etc.

These clothing items can only be obtained during the Halloween event, so get them while you can!
You can obtain clothing items through the Cauldron, Pumpkin Hunt, and Trick or Treating.

See /halloween in-game to view this information while playing. Happy Halloween, see you in-game!
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Re: Halloween Event 2021
« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2021, 08:01:52 pm »
Halloween Event Over
The 2021 Halloween Event is now over. Thank you to everyone that participated, we hope you had fun!

The candy leaderboard prizes have now been awarded as shown below:

Note however that any candy transferred to other players was returned. The above leaderboard was calculated from legitimate earned candy only.
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