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Avery Properties website - Find houses for sale with an interactive map!

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wow lol very nice thing!

Why Avery? Reference of VC?

remarkable work guys

This is super cool, good work!

good work keep hard working MIKE!!

I have added a lot of missing map markers in a small update. We'll call this v1.0.1. I'll get the version number to display on the page at some point.

--- Quote ---Added lots of missing static markers including:
- Hospitals
- Fire stations
- Palomino Creek bank
- Blueberry Liquor store
- Modshops (TransFenders, Wheel Arch Angels, Loco Low Co.)
- Pay 'n' Sprays
- Vehicle dealerships
- Vehicle scrapyards
- Vehicle exportation
- Train stations
- Garages
- Airport bike rental

- Changed gas station from 'store' icon to 'gas station' icon (wrench).
- Removed (FRONT) comment on Lil Probe Inn.

--- End quote ---

This gif shows the new markers - 64 of them (took a while..):

Hope you guys are finding this tool useful!


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