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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Who owns and develops Mike's Cops and Robbers?
I am the founder, owner and generally sole developer of MCNR (however do get some help from others such as @M3E6 and @ChrisAg).

When did MCNR launch?
MCNR launched publicly on the 22nd of April 2019. The reason for this launch date was to coincide with my previous server (Movieserver)'s anniversary.

How long did MCNR take to develop?
MCNR has been in development for a number of years on and off. The base script was started in 2012 but most of the development was done in 2016-2019, with a strong development period in 2018 and early 2019.

How often is MCNR updated?
I aim to update the server often with bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements and have a bigger content-rich updates less often.

Of course real life takes priority, and sometimes updates are less frequent. I have a full time job so working on MCNR is like a second job I have to try and find time for.

Check out the latest updates here:,3.0.html

Does MCNR celebrate holidays and events?
We have special events during certain holiday events such as Christmas, Halloween and Easter. These will be announced on the website, forums, and Discord.

Staff organise events often such as Protect the President and Deathmatches. Check #events on Discord for info, or the 'Events' board on the forum.

Who are the MCNR staff?
You can check out the staff list here:,15.0.html

Can I be staff?
We always need more staff!

Apply to become a helper
Apply to become a tester
Apply to become a moderator

How do I join the MCNR SA-MP server?
Click this link to launch SAMP:

What versions of SA-MP are supported?
All 0.3.7 versions of SA-MP are supported. It is recommended to have the latest version (0.3.7 R4) however.

Is SA-MP mobile/Android supported?
Yes, however expect problems (see here for more info). This may change in the future, and Android/mobile may be blocked once more.

What are the server rules?,20.0.html

What are the forum rules?,18.0.html

How can I find out more about the server and its features?
Feature overview:,19.0.html
In-depth guides:,18.0.html

Can I donate to MCNR?
Yes! We rely on donations to keep the server and forum running and bringing new updates to the server.

Please see for details on how to donate, and a list of bonuses that you can get for donating. Currently donations are only accepted through PayPal.

Do you have any social media?
Yes! We are on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube

Do you have a Discord server?

Do you get any reward for Discord Nitro boosting the MCNR Discord server?
Yes, you get $10,000 in-game every day that you are boosting the MCNR Discord server.

NOTE: We are unable to detect if you have 1 or 2 boosts active.

Who hosts MCNR and where?
MCNR is hosted in France with OVH/SoYouStart.

For some additional useful tips, check here:,3568.msg15723.html#msg15723

Last updated: 26/06/2022

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