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Bug 1 - Losing vehicles


What is your in-game name and account ID
Ardealul 249567
What happened exactly?
Exported vehicle, called my bullet meanwhile, lost bullet. I think people are exploting the other bug i will post(not sure if it's a bug tho, today i had the idea to try if it works like this, i found out about export 2 or 3 days ago).
What circumstances may have led to the issue?
Probably me exporting the car while calling bullet
Has anyone else experienced the issue?
Multiple people, saw it in bug report section.

As you can see in the video, i did /PV then i exported meanwhile bullet spawned, unspawned, no favorite vehicle after, i tried /pv again, did not work, i had 3 bullets, have 2 now.

I will need a refund for this please. It had neons, hydra wheel and nitro

Will look into it when I go home.

Couldn't replicate the lost of the vehicle, will try later and will let other testers give it a try tho. For the vehicle export while test driving, has been reported.

Bug report by Ardealul (forum topic #21017)
Issue #3796IssueAvailable to export a vehicle you currently test-drivingDescriptionAvailable to export a vehicle you currently test-driving.Script areaTest driving & exportPriorityLowLogged byDimitRizzAssigned toMikeStatusNewCommentsConfirmed.

Nevermind @Jay_Dee already reported it. Moved to Confirmed bugs.

Can someone refund me for this please?


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