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--- Quote from: FinalDestination. on November 16, 2021, 02:18:46 am ---Requesting Filipino/Tagalog board @ViperRadius, @Dracula and I. Will moderate the board, If your supporting this board please comment.

--- End quote ---
Added @ViperRadius @Dracula @FinalDestination.

Requesting Hebrew nonenglish forum @Mike


--- Quote from: Sima on February 07, 2020, 05:47:22 pm ---I'd be up for creating a Balkan board (it includes all former Yugoslavian states). I saw several Balkan players ingame.

--- End quote ---
We request Balkan board  and i expect to see all balkan people joining here are some members of the community that speak Balkan languages.
@Mystic @Jed  @Domingo @Charlie @Synthesis

I am asking for a Polish board


I'm active. Also, with my mates to which I showed this server. We would like to open up to new Polish players, whom I could help in development on the server.

(Many new Polish players do not feel well on the server without knowing English, I'm here for newbies)

Interested in:

and Yorn and Dealereq (who will open an forum account today)

I Agree, we need this


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