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Hideout checkpoint does not appear sometimes

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- What was the script version?

- Your in-game name (we may credit bug reporters with in-game cash if it's a major or exploitable issue)

- What happened? Please give as many details as you can. Even if you think it's irrelevant it might be just the piece of information we need to pin point the issue.
    - Where were you?
    - What were you doing?
    - Did you have some sort of special circumstances happening at the time?

Robbed a bank, arrived at the hideout and the checkpoint to deliver the money bag was not here.

This also happens with the trucking checkpoints for both loading and delivery, I can post evidence about that as well.

- Is this a reoccurring issue? Has it happened to you or others before?
A lot of times.

- Please provide steps for us to reproduce the issue ourselves, if possible.
> go rob a bank
> go to a hideout
> check if the checkpoint to deliver the money bag is there
If you happen to /bagdrop and then pick up the money back, the checkpoint might re-appear like shown in the pictures.

- Images and videos help a LOT. Press F8 in-game to take a screenshot and upload it here for us to see the issue for ourselves. Please crop/resize large images.
No checkpoint:

Dropping the bag:

Picking it up:

- Date and time of incident if known

Really annyoing bag. Happens alot to me.

More on this:

Dropping the money bag will not always work.

Might be another issue but:

> robbed a casino
> checkpoint wasn't there
> could not /bagdrop

Yesss, this happen to me too, bank rob, trucking, casino rob, red checkpoint sometimes gone


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