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Vehicles lost because of garage bug!

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This is critical bug or many players will lost their car and they might not even have proof.

I just bought sultan today and store it in garage of my one house. Upon my surprise, I lost wayfarer that I had bought few days back and it was stored in another house garage.

I am attaching screenshots, you can see that it is showing 1 car for each garage but I can't access the 1st garage as it says "No vehicle stored in garage" something like that

See in below image, it says one car.

Now see this, it says 1 in each garage, plus my logs can be checked as well.

Did you try re-logging?

Yes I tried relogging. I bought another new car but it didn't occurred on this one. But still to date I got 3 vehicles in total which is shown just like the screenshot but when I try to access the first wayfarer, it says "Vehicle does not exists" something like that.

It would be mightly helpful to know your in-game name to look at your account data....

Ok after some brief testing (I joined the server as you), it looks like the left garage at one of your properties is bugged. Everything stored in the database looks fine. I copied your account/property/vehicle onto my dev server and the garage was empty, as expected.

I'm wondering if the vehicle was somehow removed from your garage but the server didn't mark the garage as empty after this.
Did you sell/remove/move the vehicle that was in garage #1 at your Mulholland property?

I will give the server a restart to see if it fixes it. If it does, the issue seems to be caused when a vehicle is removed. I'll then be able to focus testing on that.


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