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Forum rules

To ensure the smooth running of this forum, we have to define some rules and guidelines. Please ensure you follow each and every one, or we will take further action.

No illegal content
Absolutely NO illegal content is to be posted on this forum. This includes illegal torrents, warez, cracks, viruses/malware, pornography or links to any other websites which host/link to such content.

No adult content
Although GTA: San Andreas is rated 18/Mature, many players are under 18. Is it illegal for a minor (under 18) to view pornography, so please do not post it here. Plus, it's very inappropriate.

Also, let’s refrain from discussions of a sexual or suggestively sexual nature. We don’t want to hear about how much you love tits or how many women you’ve (not) slept with. While the Prostitute feature in the server is close to overly-sexual it is a fundamental part of GTA and therefore is an exception.

No controversial or provocative content
Do not post controversial or provocative content. This includes posts about religion, politics and the such. If you want to discuss those things, please do it elsewhere as it's just going to cause problems.

No discrimination, harassment, abuse or hate speech
We have a zero tolerance policy on any type of discrimination, including racism, sexism and homophobia. Please take it elsewhere.

Harassing other players or staff creates a hostile environment, which isn't a happy place. Do not harass players/staff. Abuse and 'hate speech' are included in this rule.

English only
While we do not discriminate between those who speak English and those who do not, this forum is largely English. If many foreign players start posting on the forums, a language-specific board may be created for them, if requested.

Avatar and signature rules
- No distracting GIFs: Moving GIFs are extremely annoying when trying to read forum posts. They are not to be used in signatures or as avatars unless the animation is very minor and will not distract someone when reading your post.
- Signatures can only be 350 pixels high. Anything more will add a scrollbar. Try to avoid this. Unfortunately [img] tags' width= and height= attributes are broken, so please resize your images (use paint, Google how...).

Be kind
Put simply, treat other people how you would want to be treated. Don’t cause trouble, insult people, cause drama and so on. We want this community to be welcoming.

Do not post in complaint/appeal topics unless you are contributing
If you do not have something relevant to add to a discussion, or in the case of player complaints, you were NOT directly involved or a witness, please do not reply.

Thank you for reading, and please ensure you follow all these rules AT ALL TIMES to give everyone a better experience. Thanks.


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