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Server Donations: Guide and Benefits

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Running MCNR costs money. By donating to MCNR, you will be helping to keep MCNR running and improving, hopefully for years to come! As a reward, you'll receive a bunch of bonuses in-game, along with a cash reward.

What will donations help to pay for?
There are many costs associated with running, maintaining, and developing MCNR.

By donating, you will be helping to pay for:
- The SA-MP server hosting
- The SA-MP hosted tab listing
- The website hosting
- The domain
- Third party support and services
- Hardware and software needed for development*
- My time and effort, of which a lot goes into developing and maintaining MCNR!

* I've bought various things to aid in the development of MCNR, such as new hard drives, a new laptop, and software.

Donator rewards
All donators will be assigned the 'Donator' role/rank on Discord* and the forums. You'll have a gold name on Discord.
* This is automatic, you simply need to verify your Discord account by linking it to your in-game account.

You'll also receive $10,000 in-game cash per £1 donated.

Players that donate £5 or more will also receive the following bonuses and rewards:
- Access to many story skins such as Big Smoke, Sweet, and Ryder. See below for a full list. Change skin at any clothes shop (/gps clothes).
- Access to purchase exclusive donator-only vehicles, such as Mr Whoopee, Hotknife, and Dune. See below for a full list. Purchase from dealerships in-game (/gps dealership).
- A free vehicle credit for every £5 donated. Can be used to purchase any vehicle for free. Visit any dealership in-game (/gps dealership).
- Send colored chat messages (see /chatcolors in-game).
- 50% discount on vehicle recovery fees.
- Add neon lights under cars (go to any gas station, see '/gps gas' in-game).
- Additional clothing outfit slots (5 more, taking it from 5 to 10). Clarification: This is not referring to clothing ITEM slots, but saved OUTFIT slots.
- Buy a lotto ticket from anywhere (/lotto).
- Change vehicle colors anywhere (/vcolor).
- Access 128 additional vehicle colors (at gas stations (/gps gas) or with /vcolor).
- Custom vehicle licence plates, including colors! use /plate from anywhere.
- Coloured property names

Donator skins:
(click to show/hide)NameImageThe TruthMaccerBig Bear (Thin)Big Bear (Big)EmmetRyder (Masked)Big Smoke (Body Armour)Naked valetTenpennyPulaskiHernandezBig SmokeSweetRyderZero RCKen RosenbergKent PaulCesarOG LocWu Zi MuTorenoJizzyMadd DoggCatalinaClaude
Donator vehicles:
(click to show/hide)NameImageTaxiMr WhoopeeHotknifeCabbieRomeroPizzaboyCaddyHotringHotring Racer AHotring Racer BBloodring BangerJourneyTow TruckForkliftTractorUtilityKartMowerDuneSweeperNewsvanTug
We plan to add more donator rewards in the future, and they will be retrospectively given to past donators where possible (this is not guaranteed).

How to donate
Before we begin, please BEWARE OF SCAMS - read here:,12258.msg58536.html#msg58536

For now only PayPal donations are accepted. It is not feasible to set up any other donation methods as 99% of people can access PayPal.

Click the PayPal donate button below in order to donate, after reading the rest of this post.

Once you have donated, please check out the reply post below for instructions on how to verify your donation.
Failure to follow the process correctly means your donation will not be able to be verified.

Donations MUST be sent as GBP (Great British Pounds) and no other currency.
If you donate in another currency, PayPal will charge a conversion fee and I will receive less than what you donated.
Your donation will only be verified as the value received in GBP, after said PayPal fees.

You must agree to the following Terms and Conditions before donating. Failure to do so may result in your donation being rejected or unable to be verified.

- Donations are subject to a manual verification process once completed. This may take up to 48 hours but we aim to complete this within 24. If we fail to verify your donation within 48 hours you should contact us ([email protected]) to chase it up. Please do not contact us before this 48 hour period.
- Once you have donated you MUST fill out the donation verification form. Failure to do so will leave us unable to verify and process your donation status and rewards. We will not refund the donation but will try to contact the donator via the e-mail used to donate to get the information required to verify it.
- We reserve the right to deny rewards for invalid or reversed donations (e.g. chargebacks), or any other reason we see fit.
- Once verified, donation rewards cannot be transferred to another player/account in any circumstance, including if the original account becomes banned.
- If you lose access to your in-game account and cannot prove your identity, we can only transfer your donator status if you can verify your e-mail that the donation came from. Losing access to this email account means we will NOT be able to recover your donator status.
- Donations are non-refundable and will not be refunded for any reason even if the account is banned or the player leaves.
- If a payment is 'held', we cannot verify your donation status until the payment clears. The 48 hour verification period begins when the payment clears.
- Players that abuse their donator status/rewards (e.g. constantly spamming colored text in chat) may have these rewards revoked and/or their donator status and all rewards revoked, without refund.
- The ability to claim certain rewards immediately is subject to availability. For example if you donated to get more house slots and there are no free houses to buy on the server, this is not something we can do anything about. Similarly, if you are unable to access your account to use your donator rewards (PC issues, banned account etc.) we will not refund the donation.
- Donations can be sent on behalf of another player, you just need to fill out the form correctly.
- Donations of less than £5.00 will only give cash/score rewards.
- Donation amounts are cumulative - if you donate £5.00 twice, you'll now have £10.00 in donations on your account and get the relevant rewards for that donation tier.
- Donations must be in Great British Pounds (GBP - £). Donating in another currency may incur a charge and the final donation we receive may be less. In these circumstances we won't be able to verify your full donation amount (you may top it up though).
- PayPal takes a small percentage from us when you donate (roughly 2%). This does not affect your donation rewards - we will always credit you for the full amount you sent (in GBP). However, please consider sending slightly more to cover these fees.
- GDPR/Data Protection: For all donations we receive, we log the email address the donation came from, and that player's in-game account ID/name, forum ID/name, and Discord ID. This information is stored securely and only accessible by Mike. We do not log any credit card details etc. (these are not provided by PayPal). If you wish us to remove this information to comply with GDPR/Data Protection Act 2018 please contact Mike and this request can take up to 48 hours. We will also have to revoke your donator status in-game/forums/Discord.
- You will never be contacted by MCNR staff other than Mike to verify your donation. If any other staff contact you regarding your donation please report this to Mike.
- You will never be asked for your password by MCNR staff (even Mike). If a member of staff requests your password (in-game/forum/Discord etc.) please report this immediately to Mike.
- We reserve the right to remove donator features in future script updates. Donators will be given notice of this. There may be some sort of compensation or replacement reward, but we do not guarantee this.
- Future donator rewards which are added to the script will likely be awarded retrospectively to past/existing donators, however this is not a guarantee.
- If a donation is disputed or charged back etc. we may ban the donator's account(s) and/or claim back the donation reward(s) and compensation at our discretion. If you have an issue, contact Mike or [email protected], do not open a dispute.
- From time to time, we may initiate a Stats Reset on MCNR. This means all player accounts will have their stats reset, including money, score, vehicles, properties and so on. When this happens, past donations will be honoured and rewards will be reissued (i.e. you'll get the $10,000 per £5 donated, the vehicle credits you were given and so on).

Submitting a donation to MCNR implies you have read, understood, and agreed to these terms and conditions in full.

Donate Now
Click here to donate via PayPal:

Once you have donated, please fill out the donation verification form in the reply post below.

If you are donating on behalf of another player, each player's gift donation must be submitted in the form separately.
For example, if you wish to donate £15 and give £5 as a gift to 3 players, donate £15 through PayPal, but fill out the form below 3 diferent times. Failure to do so may invalidate the donation and result in it not being verified to the correct account.

Donator list
Here is a list of everyone that has donated before, thank you everyone that has donated regardless of the amount - every penny helps keep MCNR running and improving!;sa=members;group=13

Future plans
In the future, we plan to add a tier-based donation system, whereby the more you donatate the more interesting rewards you'll get.
These tiers (e.g. Bronze, Silver, Gold and so on) will be applied retrospectively to past donators also.

Thank you!

If you have donated, thank you very much.

In order for us to verify your donation, please fill out the below form.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure the form is filled out completely and accurately. Failure to provide accurate information may result in us being unable to verify the donation. We do not give refunds because the form was filled out incorrectly.

Please read the form carefully and double-check your answers.

If you cannot see this form, you may access it directly here:

NOTE: It can take up to 24 hours for donations to be processed. Please do not enquire about your donation until this time has passed.
It may take a little longer for your forum Donator rank to be set.
You will automatically be given the 'Donator' role on Discord so long as your account is verified and linked to your in-game account (see guidance here).

Thank you!

Can I give a donation in Indian Rupees?


--- Quote from: Ayan Chanda on May 07, 2020, 05:40:10 pm ---Can I give a donation in Indian Rupees?

--- End quote ---
I'm not 100% familar with how PayPal works in that sense, but from what I understand they will charge you a fee to convert it into GBP. You just need to make sure you select GBP and then enter the amount when you donate.


--- Quote from: Ayan Chanda on May 07, 2020, 05:40:10 pm ---Can I give a donation in Indian Rupees?

--- End quote ---
It instantly changes currency, before donating to the server.


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