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Nick_Chester and MD045 have been promoted to Moderators! (06/10/2019)
MD045 promoted to Admin (21/10/2019)


--- Quote from: Eldy. on March 09, 2020, 05:04:46 pm ---well, no dedicated post about us joining the team but thanks! :D

--- End quote ---
I can’t make a topic every time we hire new staff, but I should have replied here at the time. Haven’t been keeping things up to date recently.

Recent promotions and additions to the MCNR staff include:
M3E6 - Promoted to community manager (alongside codeshadow)
Clara, RoboKill and Funta - Promoted to managers
trina hired as Moderator (24/01/2020)
Lancerb1 hired as Moderator (07/02/2020)
Cashewz hired as Beta Tester  (23/02/2020)
V[3]NOM hired as Beta Tester (24/02/2020)
Cashewz promoted to Moderator (04/03/2020)
Robokill, Funtastic_Power and Xx_Clara_Cynthia_xX promoted to Managers! (07/03/2020)
Ma_ro hired as Beta Tester (09/03/2020)
Rick_Grimes and Eldy. - Hired as moderators

Uncle Mega:
Codeshadow has resigned,
Congratulations to those who recently got promoted,
We wish you good luck M3E6!

Staff list updated:
- codeshadow has resigned.
- M3E6 is now the one-and-only Community Manager.
- trina and lancer promoted to Admin. (10/03/2020)
- v3nom promoted to Moderator. (10/03/2020)
- Ma_ro promoted to Moderator (17/03/2020)


Welcome Cuplaws to the Beta Tester Team!
Ma_ro promoted to Moderator (17/03/2020)


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