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Who's the best stunt performer 2023 (Winner gets Donator)

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Hello everyone! This is new event that will hold up for a month, and I might consider host this every year if the outcome is great.

Basically the event is same as the title,"Who's the best stunt performer", you will have to submit YOUR OWN GAMEPLAY with fancy/cool stunts (not some copied youtube one). You can use any vehicles including aircraft, land and boat to perform stunt. @DabbingPitbull and me will be reviewing stunt videos and pick the winner. (click to show/hide)(so you may consider bribing me)
1st  place : Donator Status and 1,000,000 in game cash
2nd place : 500,000 in game cash
3rd  place : 250,000 in game cash

Here are some examples of what's a "stunt" video :-

Terms and Conditions:
1) Only stunt video that is recorded in MCNR, other servers/singleplayer are not allowed.
2) Video MUST upload to YouTube.
3) Atleast 720p 60fps, other than that will consider as disqualified.
4) Vehicle mods that affect handling/speed is not allowed.
5) You may add music into your video (your rating will be higher with decent music/beat dropped)
6) Event Hoster (aka me) had rights to alter terms and conditions/requirements without prior notice.
7) Only one stunt video per pariticipants, compilation doesn't count.

You can DM me on discord Flyburger#9706 or Dabbing Pitbull#9091 if you have any questions.

Special thanks to :-
@Stahlos for sponsoring donator status
@Flyburger for sponsoring 1,750,000 in game cash for event
@DabbingPitbull being useless and always do nothing

You can submit your video by replying this post with the YouTube link


Added new term and conditions :- 7) Only one stunt video per pariticipants, compilation doesn't count.

Only this I have :sob:


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