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State the date and time of the event in advance


Hello all

As in the recent changes of the prize pooling system the least thing is to state the timing and date of the event 12-24 hours in advance in events discord channel at mcnr discord server due to the prizing pool being decided by the number of players participating it would significantly change the activity as not all players are active 24 hours

Thanks for reading

Events are often done on the spot, with little to no thought at all. These are called 'pop-up' events and often players online at the time will participate in these types of events. We could possibly add a role in discord 'event-notifications', where players who OPT-IN to have the role are updated/notified if an event is going to take place on the server.  Obviously it would work only for organised events, and not the random pop-up events that occur quite frequently.

It would not really be possible to set a date of an event, since the staff that can host these events all have different Time zones that may not match that of players on the server.  So the best thing would to be mention the role - and state how many hours away the event will be on the server.

Example:  @Event-Notifications || Event happening in 6 hrs || Event: Dodge the shamal.

That is the only possible idea I could think of.

Yeah i think that will do,
As for the Pop up events Is it possible to announce it on discord with a mention for the new role u are talkin about for people who want to get the notification in 60-120 minutes in advance on the discord server as it may contribute to the number of players online even slightly as the only way to know these events are takin place is to be online on mcnr  which doesnt give any notification otherwise
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A role has now been implemented into discord called 'EventListener' - You can get this role by reacting to the message inside '#Info-and-rules' channel - react with the 'warning' symbol icon and the role will automatically be assigned to your account.  If you wish to opt-out of event notifications simply click the reaction again and it will remove that role from your account.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Glad i could help and thank you for understanding


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