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Car/bike meet event


any admin or player can u plz organize a event in which we show our best cars and best car winner get reward

some car would be the same as others so the judgement would struggle by choosing the winner.

Yeah that's the fun. U have to choose the best 1 or more than 1

All cars would look same as other's car, my suggestion for this car meet is lowrider only since it got many colors, you can even change the paint job color with those color that effects the car too and it looks so cool

1. All players will have to come at bank at 6:00 with their cars
2. All players will have to wait till 12:00 to wait for an judge to come and judge their cars for positions like 1st/2nd/3rd
3. Park your cars in lane with discipline, so it would look good.
4. Admins will be the person who're gonna judge our cars.
5. Reward will be awarded.

This is only my suggestion for the event.


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