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BEWARE OF SCAMS (especially for donator status)



Scam awareness
The team at MCNR is dedicated to ensuring all players are safe, happy, and having fun. This includes trying to protect players from being scammed.

If someone offers you something in exchange for you sending them in-game cash, assume you're going to get scammed.

A common thing we're seeing is players offering to donate on behalf of other players if they send them in-game cash. The player sends them millions of in-game dollars, never to see them again.

Do NOT participate in any deals/trades with players that involves you sending them in-game cash and then them sending you something in return (or doing something for you such as donating). The only safe transactions are ones fully handled by the script, such as property/vehicle sales.

MCNR staff cannot refund any funds lost due to being scammed, nor can we guarantee that we will investigate such incidents, unless the scammer is actively advertising their scam.

MCNR staff may be able to act as a middleman in such situations to protect you, but this is up to individual admins and we do not guarantee this. Nor do we guarantee the admin won't be doing the scamming (but of course they won't be admin much longer after that..).

You have been warned. Stay vigilant!

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--- Quote from: 786786UMAR on December 03, 2023, 09:46:28 am ---hlo bro new upadte kas kor plzz bota nana plzzzzzzzsssssssss

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I got scammed by a user named "Mike" can any staff member help me? If I get no answer I report it to Police!


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