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« on: February 15, 2019, 02:02:29 PM »

Owning your own personal vehicle is a progression milestone in Mike's Cops and Robbers.

Grand theft auto
Before you have the cash to splat out on that convertible sports car you've always dreamed of, you'll have to resort to good old grand theft auto and steal a car.

Vehicles that appear parked around the map must be broken into to unlock them. This is done by repeatedly tapping ENTER/F until the lock is broken and you can enter. Some vehicles spawn with a chance of being left unlocked (the lower the value of the car, the higher chance of it spawning unlocked). Once you enter a vehicle you have broken into you will have to hotwire it (this is done automatically). When you exit a hotwired vehicle, by default, the engine will stay running (unless you keep holding ENTER/F as you exit the vehicle). If the engine does need re-starting when you enter the vehicle again, you will have to hotwire it again.

Breaking into and entering a stolen vehicle with no witnesses around will not result in a crime being committed, however driving past the cops in a stolen vehicle will identify you to them via automatic number plate recognition and you will become wanted. You can prevent this by changing your number plate at any gas station or via a mechanic.

Vehicle storage
There are two types of garages that can be used to store vehicles in: stand-alone garages and property garages.

Stand-alone garages are found in numerous locations around San Andreas and are represented by the SAVE icon (floppy disk).

To store a stolen vehicle in a stand-alone garage, simply drive up to the garage door and press Y to store the vehicle. If a vehicle is already in the garage you will be prompted to transfer (if other storage available) or replace it. Vehicles from other garages can be transferred to other garages by this method also (take a vehicle from garage A, drive it to garage B and press Y to store it there).

Property garages become available to you once you purchase a property. Most properties have a garage and some even have two, but many have no garage. These garages work identically to stand-alone garages in that you simply drive a vehicle up to them and press Y to store it. When you buy a vehicle at a vehicle dealership you will now have the option to use your property garage as a storage location.

Vehicle dealerships
There are various vehicle dealerships located around San Andreas from which you can purchase a vehicle. Some dealerships sell high-end sports cars, sports bikes and high-value cars and some sell low and medium valued cars and bikes.

Coutt & Schutz (Las Colinas, Los Santos) - Standard range
Grotti Autos (Rodeo, Los Santos) - High-end
Wang Cars (Doherty, San Fierro) - Standard range
Otto's Autos (Pier 69, San Fierro) - High-end
Shody Autos (Redsands East, Las Venturas) - Standard range
Auto Bahn (The Strip, Las Venturas) - High-end

Destruction, insurance and impounding
If one of your personal vehicles becomes destroyed, it must be recovered for a fee before using it again. This can be done by retrieving your vehicle from the garage in which it is stored or requesting it via the interaction menu. The recovery fee is based on the value of the vehicle and is a flat fee.

If you arrested or die near your vehicle with a wanted level your vehicle will be impounded by the police. You can recover it by visiting any police department reception for a fee.

All vehicles with an engine rely on fuel to run. The level of fuel in your vehicle is shown in the bottom-right corner by 10 bars and a percentage display.

When your fuel gets low, you can refuel at any gas station around San Andreas.
Gas stations are shown on the map and radar by a red wrench icon.

Angel Pine
Juniper Hill
Easter Basin
Redsands West
Emerald Isle
East of Come-A-Lot
CJ's Garage (Doherty)
Valle Ocultado
El Quebrados
Tierra Robada
Fort Carson
Michelle's Garage
RS Haul
Bone County (Near Area 69)
Prickle Pine

Repair and modification
Mechanics are able to repair engines, fix tires, refuel your vehicle and change your number plate. Press SUB-MISSION (2) when broken down to call for a mechanic. Alternatively type /mechanic or select 'Request service' from the interaction menu. Visit any gas station to change your number plate if no mechanics are available. Mechanics can be identified by their grey name and blip.

To fully repair a vehicle including bodywork and paintwork, visit a Pay 'n' Spray garage which can be identified by the green spray can icon on the map/radar.

To modify a vehicle such as adding nitro and changing wheels, visit a modshop. Certain vehicles must be taken to specific modshops. Street cars must be taken to Wheel Arch Angels in Ocean Flats, San Fierro whereas lowriders must be taken to Loco Low Co. in Willowfield, Los Santos.

Selling vehicles
You can sell a vehicle you own at any scrapyard. Type /scrap for more info and navigation.
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