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Title: How to play
Post by: Mike on February 14, 2019, 08:53:47 PM
How to play

Please see the below items for help getting on the server and playing.

Download the SA-MP client
Please visit www.sa-mp.com/download.php and download the latest SA-MP client. Please note that the server is not currently running on the SA-MP 0.3DL version but the official release.

Downgrade your GTA:SA game
Before launching SA-MP, you must downgrade your copy of GTA:SA to version 1.0. Please see http://files.sa-mp.com/gtasapatch.zip.

Add the server to favourites
1. Launch the SA-MP client.

2. Navigate to the 'Favourites' tab. This is shown by default when SA-MP is launched.
3. Click the 'Add server' button.
4. Enter play.mikescnr.com in the address bar.
5. Press OK.

Connect to the server
6. Once you have added the server to your favourites list, simply double-click it and then click 'Connect'.
7. Click 'Connect' to connect to the server.

The server will be open on launch day (22nd April) at 09:00 AM GMT.

Look forward to seeing you on the server!