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Mike's Cops and Robbers offers a variety of different jobs that you can take which are sure to keep you busy. For those who prefer to work hard in their pursuit for cash, or simply wish for nothing more than to help make San Andreas a better place, one of these jobs may be the option for you.

Applying for a job is simple, and can be done at any one of the base locations for the respective job you wish to apply for, such as a police department to become a police officer. Some jobs have prerequisites before applying, but as long as you meet the requirements, you will get the job and be able to perform your duties. You can expect to build up cash at a good rate as long as you maintain a high working standard and complete tasks regularly.

Players that have jobs can be identified by the color of their name and radar blip. Players with a higher rank (only applicable to certain jobs) will have a darker shade of that color.

Going on and off duty
While you are working a particular job, you will be on-duty. You will be expected to do your job and follow the expected duties and standards for said job while on-duty, or else you may receive a demotion or be fired from your position.

If, at any time, you do not wish to be responsible for your job, you can return to a base location for that job to go off-duty. This does not mean you lose your job permanently - you will have the ability to go back on-duty whenever you like. Jobs do not follow any particular schedule, and so you can stay on-duty or off-duty as long as you want.

For taxi drivers, this system functions slightly differently - you can go on-duty by entering any taxi and hitting the sub-mission key (2 by default). You will go off-duty automatically whenever you exit the taxi, die, or become wanted by the police.

Job Skin
When you obtain a new job, you are given the opportunity to pick from a selection of skins to use when working that job (except taxi driver which is not a skin-based job). This skin is separate from the one you use as a civilian, and will be applied exclusively when you are on-duty at your job. Anytime you go off duty, you will return to your civilian skin - the skin you are currently using for your job will always be remembered so that it is automatically re-applied once you go back on-duty.

Important to keep in mind is how your job skin is affected once you switch jobs. If you decide to get a new job, the job skin you used for your old job will be forgotten, and your new job skin will be saved in its place. Therefore, you can only have one job skin saved at a time.

Job XP and rank
Completing job-relevant duties such as arresting criminals as a police officer or saving patients as a medic, will reward you with job XP. Each job has its own separate XP system, meaning XP earned from one job will not be shared with another. The amount of XP earned depends on the action. For example as a cop arresting a criminal will earn you more job XP than simply issuing a ticket.

Some jobs make use of a ranking system. For these jobs, you will start at rank 1. As you gain job XP, you will receive promotions to higher ranks upon reaching certain XP thresholds. Aside from earning a higher status in your field, promotions up the ranks come with multiple perks, such as the unlocking of new abilities and access to additional resources. Examples of these for a police officer could be the ability to call for vehicles or receiving additional spike strips. Higher ranks will also result in higher paychecks on paydays, which you can learn more about in the next section.

Keep in mind that there is always the possibility you may be demoted back down to lower ranks if you do your job poorly. This can include attacking innocent people as a police officer or attacking patients as a medic. You can get an indication of someone's current job rank by looking at their name and blip colour - darker shades indicate higher ranks, and lighter shades indicate lower ranks.

Jobs that currently feature this rank system are police officers, medics, and firefighters. However, it is planned for the system to be expanded to more jobs in the future.

Everything you do as part of your job is ultimately working towards that paycheck. Every 24 hours in-game (24 minutes in reality) you play for you will receive your payday check. However, the amount of cash rewarded to you as part of this payday is heavily dependent on the job duties you have completed since your last payday. Therefore, if you have done little to no work during that time, you can expect to make very little money.

The payday system works by accruing payday points over time, which essentially represent the amount of job XP you have earned since your last payday (see above for more info on job XP and how to earn it). The value of payday points differs depending on the job and the rank, as shown in the following table:

Job                    Value of Payday Points
Police Officer$8
Taxi Driver$1

These represent the base values of how much money each XP point is worth. For example, a police officer's payday point value is 8, meaning each XP point you earn is worth 8 dollars. However, this differs depending on rank. For each rank increase, the payday point value increases by 1. For example once a cop reaches rank 2 they will now get $9 per payday point.

If you need to know when your next payday is, you can type /payday to find out.

The role of a police officer is one of the most crucial and most in-depth of all jobs in Mike's Cops and Robbers, and so jobs are always in high demand!

In order to successfully apply for the position of a police officer, there are a couple of prerequisites:
- You must be at least a level 10 civilian.
- You must have obtained a weapon license, which can be purchased from any Ammu-Nation after completing a round in the shooting range.

Job Base
All police departments in San Andreas serve as a job base at which you can become a police officer. They also have other uses, including to replenish equipment such as weapons and armour, as well as perform other job-relevant activities such as viewing lists of recent crimes and wanted suspects. See the Law Enforcement guide for more details.

Name / Blip Color
Police officers can be identified by their BLUE name and blip. The darker the shade, the higher their rank.

Abilities and Equipment
Police officers have been provided with various abilities and equipment in order to assist with their duty to take care of all manners of criminals, from the minor offenders to the most wanted.

Abilities include:
- Ticketing minor offenders
- Handcuffing criminals
- Arresting criminals
- Tazing criminals

You can press the N key to use any of these abilities, dependent on the situation. If a suspect is moving, they will be tazed. If a suspect is stationary or being tazed, they will be cuffed. If a suspect is cuffed, they will be arrested and automatically transported to jail.

Generally, it is advised to make use of these options first, and only attempting to kill the suspect as a final resort. Helping bring a criminal to justice via any of these methods will reward you with job XP, which can eventually result in promotions to higher ranks as well as higher paydays.

When it comes to equipment, you will be provided with:
- A nightstick
- A pistol
- A shotgun
- Pepper spray

The Military
A unique additional feature of the police officer job is the ability to work your way all the way up to a position in the military. However, this comes only with lots of time, dedication, and work put into your job, as you need both a job rank of 10 as a cop and an overall level of 100 as a civilian in order to move up to the military, so it will certainly not be an easy position to attain.

Making your way up to this point comes with much prestige and some reduced restrictions, such as the ability to enter the Rustler and Seasparrow. Therefore, if you're interested in becoming a police officer, reaching a position in the army is an ideal goal to set your sights towards.

Finally, joining the military will also modify your base value for money earned per XP point (see above), and your name / blip color will become dark green. The darker the shade, the higher their rank.

More Information
This section only covers a fraction of the full details on the job of a police officer. Due to this and the importance of the role, a dedicated guide has been created just for this position, which you can read by clicking here.

The medics of San Andreas are always there to help the wounded and dying, no matter what!

Job Base
All hospitals in San Andreas serve as a job base at which you can become a medic.

Name / Blip Color
Medics can be identified by their Purple name and blip color. The darker the shade, the higher their rank.

As a medic, there are a number of services you can offer to players in need, such as:
- Healing those with low health
- Curing diseases such as food poisoning or STDs
- A much higher success rate when attempting to revive players

Assisting players in any of these ways will reward you with job XP, which can eventually result in promotions to higher ranks as well as higher paydays. Higher ranks also have the added bonus for medics of further increased rates of success when attempting to revive players.

In San Andreas, there are dozens of fires every day, be they mere accidents or something more sinister. Whatever the case, firefighters can help reduce the negative effects of these incidents as much as possible.

Job Base
All fire departments in San Andreas serve as a job base at which you can become a firefighter.

Name / Blip Color
Firefighters can be identified by their Salmon name and blip color. The darker the shade, the higher their rank.

Abilities and Equipment
Firefighters have all of the same abilities and methods to earn job XP as medics, therefore you can see the medic section for more details. However, firefighters have a comparably lower revival success rate - they will still improve their success rate with higher ranks, but still not to the same level as medics.

Additionally, all firefighters are equipped with a fire extinguisher.

You may not think of mechanics as having the most glamorous job, however you will be kept very busy repairing the vehicles of San Andreas which don't stay pristine for very long at all.

Job Base
All gas stations in San Andreas serve as a job base at which you can become a mechanic.

Name / Blip Color
Mechanics can be identified by their Grey name and blip color.

Abilities and Equipment
Mechanics have the ability to freely enter tow trucks as part of their job, and can even call for a tow truck from anywhere. This can be done by opening up the interaction menu using Y and going into the 'Job Abilities' section.

The following services can be offered to players in order to earn job XP:
- Repairing vehicles, including engines and tires
- Refuelling vehicles
- Removing handcuffs

Sometimes, we all need a bit of something to take our mind off things.

Job Base
All sex shops in San Andreas serve as a job base at which you can become a prostitute.

Name / Blip Color
Prostitutes can be identified by their Pink name and blip color.

There are several ways in which you can give interested clients a good time, and earn cash in the process, like:
- Giving on-foot clients a blowjob
- Having sex with clients in a car

In the process, you will constantly be at risk of either catching or giving someone an STD. It is up to you to determine if the risk is worth the reward.

Taxi driver
Lots of people are always needing to get to lots of places, and so there is always lots of demand for lots of taxi drivers!

The job of a taxi driver works significantly differently from any other job. There are no set job bases, and instead you only need to enter a taxi and press the sub-mission key (2 by default) to go on-duty. Press it again to go back off-duty.

As a taxi driver, you will have access to a variety of commands that you will need in order to get fares from point A to point B:
- Type /fare to set your fare prices. This will be the amount of money you earn per kilometre of each journey.
- Type /fares to see a list of any players currently requesting a taxi.
- Type /accept to accept the most recently available fare.
- Type /taxi to open a menu featuring further job-specific options, such as the ability to advertise your services or go off-duty.

You will earn cash for each fare you deliver in addition to your regular payday.

TIP: Hang out around airports and hospitals to pick up fares. These locations are hotspots for players that are new (spawning at airports) and that have just died and need a ride (respawned at hospital).

Job events
When working any of the above jobs, you will be offered random 'job events' twice every day (before and after noon). These can be completed for cash, score, and XP rewards. These job events are generally NPC-based and exist in order to give you more options for things to do while working, as well as to fill in the gaps when there may be little else taking place in regards to other players.

See this topic for a breakdown of job events for each role.
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