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Progression and rewards
« on: February 15, 2019, 02:03:28 PM »
Progression and rewards

As you play Mike's Cops and Robbers, you will not only earn cash, but also score points. As you score points you will level up and unlock new items.

Earning score
Score gained is shown on the right-hand side of the radar:

Earning score will come naturally as you play the game. There are countless ways to gain score on MCNR.
  • Get a job and perform job duties
  • Scrap and export vehicles
  • Collect bounties and hunt down most wanted players
  • Complete missions, activities and side-jobs
  • Participate in events such as the Decathlon
  • Unlock achievements
  • Explore San Andreas and find collectables
  • and many more...
Levelling up
Once you have a certain amount of score, you will level up and unlock a new item.

Every time you level up, you will unlock either a skin, weapon or vehicle. The more you level up, the better things you'll unlock.

Note that weapons and vehicles found around the map can be used even if not unlocked. Locking only applies to purchasing these items.

To find out what is unlocked at each level, type /unlocks in-game or check out this Excel spreadsheet complete with images:
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