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Missions, challenges and side-jobs
« on: February 15, 2019, 02:02:54 PM »
Missions, challenges and side-jobs

There are many different missions, challenges, activities and side-jobs to try in MCNR. Completing missions will earn you cash and score to level up and buy the things you want such as weapons, vehicles and properties.

Mission types and locations
There are many missions to do around San Andreas:
Sweeper: Sweep litter from around San Andreas
Prisoner Transport: Transport prisoners between Police Departments and Prisons
Cropdusting: Dust fields of crops in a Crop-Dusting plane
Weed Burning: Burn the Weed plants before the cops arrive
Trucking: Deliver goods using trucks
Shooting Range: Improve weapon skills with practice at the shooting range
Trash Master: Collect trash from all over San Andreas
Lumberjack: Chop down trees and transport them back to the sawmill
Helitours: Provide helicopter tours of city landmarks
Forklift: Load crates onto a flatbed truck using a Forklift
Stunt Challenge: Collect all the stars to complete this challenge
Money Rush: Run the course and collect all the money drops in time
Valet: Valet hotel guest cars by parking them in the lot
Securicar: Transport cash between stores and the bank
Time Trial: Point-to-point timed race

We are always adding new missions in future updates, so keep an eye on the server announcements board.

Find missions in-game using /gps and select 'Nearest mission' or 'All missions' for a list.

Mission guides
Detailed guides for each mission with hints and tips will be posted in the future. Check back regularly and also keep an eye out for other guides we will be posting.
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