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Once you have some wealth, you can look into purchasing properties. You can own up to three properties anywhere in San Andreas from the trailer parks of Bone County to suburban houses to the extravagant mansions of the Vinewood Hills. You can choose to own one property in each city or have all three in your favourite city. You will still be able to access your properties that are in the inactive city (e.g. if the active city is Los Santos, you can still access your property in San Fierro).

Properties come with a range of features and benefits and having one will be a milestone in your progression.

Property locations
There are over 1500 properties scattered all around San Andreas in rural, suburban and urban areas. These properties come in different shapes, sizes and prices, ranging from around $20,000 for a small trailer in the country to around $250,000 for a mid-sized urban home to over $1m for a mansion in the Vinewood Hills.

Buying a property
Properties that are for sale are identified in three ways. The most obvious is the big FOR SALE sign out front. The second is that the house icon at the door will change from blue to green. The door label will also state that the property is for sale and for how much.

It is not currently possible to 'search' for a property for sale, however this functionality is planned for a future update.

To buy a property that is for sale, approach the door and press ENTER or F to enter. You will only be able to do this if you have the funds to purchase and if the owner is online if they have disabled 'offline purchases'. By default you can buy a property even if the owner is offline. Once inside the property take a look around and press Y to purchase. If you do not press Y you will be automatically ejected from the property after a period of time and asked if you would like to purchase the property.

Once a property is purchased you will have access to it, access to the vehicle garage(s) if applicable, and able to purchase a safe to store items. Press H to access the house menu where you can invite players, eject visitors, answer the door, change settings, put the property up for sale, and upgrade your property.

Property upgrades
Properties can have various upgrades which you can buy from the house menu (press H).

Purchase a safe to store cash, weapons and ammo. You can store up to $500k in cash, 5 weapons and 5 different types of ammo (pistol, shotgun, smg, AR and rifle).

Door locks
Upgrading door locks makes it harder for criminals to break into your property.

Alarm system
Upgrading your alarm system will alert the cops to a break-in instantly rather than after a short period of time.

Contents insurance
Purchasing contents insurance will enable items stolen from your property to be recovered through insurance for a much lower cost. The insurance fee must be paid daily.

Vehicle storage
Most properties have vehicle storage in the form of a garage or two. These work exactly the same as the standalone garages you can purchase around San Andreas. Simply drive a vehicle up to them and press Y to store. When purchasing a vehicle from a dealership, this property will now appear as an option for where to store your vehicle.

You can request personal vehicles to be delivered to you by your mechanic through the interaction menu (hold Y).

Property robbery
You can rob a property regardless of whether the owner is online or not (or even if there is no owner). Items can be stolen and sold for cash.

Firstly, ensure you have a vehicle with a trunk/boot nearby to use for transporting the stolen items. Then, approach the door and press LMB/CTRL to break in. Find something worth stealing in the property such as electrical items, jewelry and also see if there is a safe from which the contents can be stolen. Press CROUCH (C) at items to pick them up. Press LMB to drop them anywhere. Head outside and put the items in your previously acquired vehicle trunk by pressing Y to open the trunk then Y again to store the item.

Once you have enough items (i.e. when the cops turn up) get in the driver's seat and get to the hideout to sell the items for cash. You must arrive at the hideout out of sight of the cops. You will retain your wanted level. All players in the vehicle will get an equal split of the payout for selling the stolen items. The weapons and ammo stolen from the safe go to the driver, who can choose which weapons to replace if they already have weapons in those slots.
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