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Miscellaneous information
« on: February 15, 2019, 02:01:31 PM »
Misc information

There are hundreds (250+ in fact) collectables scattered in and around San Andreas for you to find. Finding all of a type of collectable is worth a big prize, and finding all 250 is worth a staggering amount more.

There are 100 hidden tikis hidden around San Andreas on land. Collect them on-foot or from a vehicle.

Gang tags
There are 30 gang tags sprayed all around Los Santos. Find them and use a spray can to spray them. All gang tags have a spray can located nearby in case you don't have one.

Photo opportunities
There are 30 photo opportunities all over the landmarks of beautiful San Fierro. Use a camera to look around and find the spinning purple icon. Take a photo to capture the photo op. These icons cannot be seen unless looking through the lens of a camera, but a bright glow around the icon can be seen at night.

There are 30 lucky horseshoes located all over Las Venturas. Find them all and you may get lucky.

There are 30 oysters lurking in the waters of San Andreas. Find all 30 for a big prize.

Air stunt checkpoints
Fancy yourself a daredevil? There are 30 air stunt checkpoints located in challenging stunt locations all around San Andreas. These are generally under bridges, but also in other places where a stunt is required to collect the checkpoint. These are only available while in a plane - helicopters do not count.

Weapon skills
As you use certain weapons more and more, your weapon skill level will increase. Once you reach PROFESSIONAL skill level, you will benefit from improved accuracy, movement, fire rate and even dual-wielding for some weapons!

Weapon skills increase for every bullet that hits a target and for kills.
- Each bullet that hits a vehicle with a driver is 1 skill point
- Each bullet that hits a player in the limbs/torso/head is 1/2/3 skill points
- Each bullet that kills a player is 5 skill points
- Each portion of a shooting range target is worth 1 skill point
- Each full target taken out in the shooting range is worth 5 skill points
- Complete all 4 shooting range rounds for a 30 skill point bonus

You will reach GANGSTER level at 300 skill points, and PROFESSIONAL at 1000 skill points. View your weapon skill level in-game using /weaponskills or via the interaction menu -> player stats.

Interaction menu
One of the main ways to interact with the server is via the interaction menu. If you are not a fan of the command-driven style of most servers, fear not, as the interaction menu is your portal to most things on the server without ever having to type commands. This is especially useful if using a controller/joypad.

Features include:
- View mission information and end active mission
- Request a personal vehicle
- Change vehicle settings and controls doors, windows, engine and lights
- Utilise job abilities such as calling for a job vehicle
- Request services such as a medic or mechanic
- View stats and achievements
- View your score/level progress and unlockable items
- View other players on the server by job and by distance
- Access to a vast library of animations for your character
- View and quickly accept invitations for events, house invites, taxi fare requests etc.
- Change settings
- Access help and information
- Report an issue/bug (this is really important for us - we rely on your bug reports to get stuff fixed!)
- and more...

Also press Y when looking at a player, vehicle or object to interact with them. Not applicable to ALL objects/vehicles, only some such as ATMs (object) and food trucks (vehicle). Available for all players where you can rob, wave, chat, send cash or view info on players.
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