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Server donations
« on: May 19, 2019, 11:17:37 AM »

Running MCNR and the website and forums isn't free, and we rely on donations to keep things running.

If you are able to donate, we would really appreciate it. We don't get paid, this is just a hobby, and it's our own personal money that goes into this server for everyone's enjoyment.

Donator bonuses
Donators of £5 or more will get access to a couple of bonuses on the server as a sign of gratitude:
- Access to story-mode character skins such as Big Smoke, Sweet and Ryder.
- A free vehicle of your choice (purchase for free from a dealership).
- $10,000 in-game cash per £1 donated.
- Send colored chat messages.
- Server/forum/Discord donator status.
- more to be added in the future

Future donator bonuses
Please note that donator features are currently not finished and currently only the bonuses listed above are given to donators. More  bonuses are coming soon and all previous donators will get them retrospectively, including:
- Free weapon and/or full ammo for one weapon.
- Lifetime discount on vehicles, weapons, properties, vehicle mods and more.
- More not yet thought of.

Currently donations do not need to be made monthly in order to keep bonuses, however we cannot rule this out for the future.

How to donate
For now only PayPal donations are accepted. Please click the button below in order to donate, and thank you!

Donator list
Here is a list of everyone that has donated before, thank you everyone that has donated regardless of the amount - every penny helps run MCNR!

Ahmet B
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